1961–62 Israel State Cup

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1961–62 Israel State Cup
Country  Israel
Defending champions Hapoel Tel Aviv
Champions Maccabi Haifa
Runners-up Maccabi Tel Aviv

The 1961–62 Israel State Cup (Hebrew: גביע המדינה‎‎, Gvia HaMedina) was the 23rd season of Israel's nationwide football cup competition and the eighth after the Israeli Declaration of Independence.

The competition began on 12 February 1961, less than two weeks after the conclusion of the previous competition. Despite this, the competition took slightly less than 15 months to complete, partly due to Israel's involvement in the 1962 FIFA World Cup qualification and its matches against Italy in late 1961.

The IFA sought to play the final on Tu Bishvat, 15 February 1962, with the President presenting the cup, as the previous final was played. However, as the holiday was celebrated on a Saturday, The final was set to 28 February 1962. However, as Maccabi Haifa already committed to a friendly match against Altay S.K. the day before the set date, the match had to be rescheduled. The final was therefore held on 27 March 1962 at Ramat Gan Stadium between Maccabi Haifa and Maccabi Tel Aviv and ended goalless.

The replay was played, at the request of President Itzhak Ben-Zvi, at the Hebrew University Stadium. The date was set to 7 May 1962 and Maccabi Haifa won 5–2 to win its first cup.


Fourth Round[edit]

Matches were played on 29 April 1961.

Home Team Score Away Team
Sektzia Nes Tziona 2–0 Hapoel Rehovot
Beitar Netanya 1–0 Hapoel Hadera
Hapoel Pardes Hanna 3–2 Hapoel Ya'akov Kfar Saba
Hapoel Nahliel 3–0 Maccabi Pardes Hanna
Hapoel Or Yehuda 3–1 Beitar Mahane Yehuda
Maccabi Ramat Amidar 2–0 Beitar Holon
Hapoel HaMechonit w/o Hapoel Kfar Ata
Hapoel Ramla w/o Maccabi Ramla
Beitar Tel Amal Haifa w/o Hapoel Yokneam
Hapoel Kiryat Haim 5–1 Hapoel Tirat HaCarmel
Maccabi Holon 2–3 Hapoel Bat Yam
Hapoel Marmorek 2–1 Hapoel Zikhronot
Hapoel Kfar Blum w/o Hapoel Beit She'an
Hapoel Afula 3–0 Hapoel Kiryat Shmona
Hapoel Ganei Tikva 1–1 (a.e.t.) Hapoel Ramat Gan
Hapoel Be'er Sheva 3–0 Hapoel Ofakim
A.S. Kiryat Biyalik Maccabi Zikhron Ya'akov

Byes: Hakoah Tel Aviv, Hapoel Mahane Yehuda, Hapoel Tiberias.


Home Team Score Away Team
Hapoel Ramat Gan 4–0 Hapoel Ganei Tikva

Fifth Round[edit]

Liga Leumit teams entered the competition at this round. Matches were played on 20 May 1961. The match between Hapoel Marmorek and Maccabi Tel Aviv was played on 17 May 1961.[1]

Home Team Score Away Team
Hapoel Marmorek 1–7 Maccabi Tel Aviv
Hapoel Haifa 0–2 Maccabi Haifa
Hapoel Jerusalem 3–4 Maccabi Netanya
Hapoel Tiberias w/o Hakoah Tel Aviv
Hapoel Mahane Yehuda 0–0 (a.e.t.) Maccabi Petah Tikva
Hapoel Petah Tikva 10–2 Hapoel Kfar Blum
Hapoel Yokneam 1–7 Shimshon Tel Aviv
Hapoel Tel Aviv 3–2 (a.e.t.) Hapoel Ramat Gan
Hapoel Be'er Sheva 2–1 (a.e.t.) Maccabi Ramat Amidar
Sektzia Nes Tziona 3–1 Hapoel Bat Yam
Hapoel Pardes Hanna 1–0 Hapoel Kfar Ata
Hapoel Ramla 4–3 Hapoel Nahliel
Hapoel Afula 0–1 Hapoel Kiryat Haim
A.S. Kiryat Biyalik 3–0 Hapoel Or Yehuda
Maccabi Jaffa 3–2 Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv
Beitar Netanya 1–2 (a.e.t.) Beitar Tel Aviv


Home Team Score Away Team
Maccabi Petah Tikva 2–1 Hapoel Mahane Yehuda

Sixth Round[edit]

Resuming the competition after the summer break and Israel's matches against Italy, most matches were played on 2 December 1961, with the matches between lower leagues' teams Postponed to 12 December 1961.

The match between Maccabi Haifa and Maccabi Netanya ended with a result of 3–1, however, as Maccabi Haifa fielded an ineligible player (Israel Pinkas), the match was given to Maccabi Netanya. However, on an appeal the decision was reversed and the original score confirmed.


Second Replay[edit]


16 December 1961
Hapoel Kiryat Haim 0–4 Hapoel Petah Tikva
Stelmach Goal 17'61'
Kofman Goal 30'
Z. Ratzabi Goal 80'

Attendance: 3000
Referee: Marin

16 December 1961
Maccabi Haifa 2–1 Maccabi Jaffa
Ben-Zvi Goal 76' (pen.)
Almani Goal 77'
Ghouhasian Goal 47'
Haifa Municipal Stadium
Attendance: 4000
Referee: Fried

16 December 1961
Hapoel Tel Aviv 1–3 Hapoel Be'er Sheva
Levkovich Goal 51' (pen.) Dekel Goal 13'
Maurice Goal 42'
Vered Goal 43'
Basa Stadium
Attendance: 1000
Referee: Ashkenazi

3 January 1962
Maccabi Tel Aviv 6–0 Hapoel Pardes Hanna
Vilenski Goal 4'59'78'
N. Bechar Goal 10'
Fleschel Goal 21'
Goldstein Goal 52'


3 February 1962
Hapoel Petah Tikva 1–5 Maccabi Haifa
Vissoker Goal 56' (pen.) Hardy Goal 11'
Shmulevich Goal 12'47'80'
Menchel Goal 68'
Maccabiah Stadium
Attendance: 10000
Referee: Mizrahi

3 February 1962
Hapoel Be'er Sheva 0–3 Maccabi Tel Aviv
Y. Glazer Goal 2'
Fleschel Goal 6'38'
Katamon, Jerusalem
Attendance: 4500
Referee: Fried


27 March 1962
Maccabi Haifa 0–0 (a.e.t.) Maccabi Tel Aviv
Ramat Gan Stadium
Attendance: 37000
Referee: Dudai


7 May 1962
Maccabi Haifa 5–2 Maccabi Tel Aviv
Hardy Goal 5'
Shapira Goal 7'34'
Menchel Goal 13'27'
Y. Glazer Goal 36'
Bechar Goal 51'
Hebrew University Stadium
Attendance: 15000
Referee: Dudai


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