1961 Australian Grand Prix

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Australia  1961 Australian Grand Prix
Race details
Race 5 of 5 in 1961 Australian Drivers' Championship
Mallala Motorsport Park in Australia.svg
Date 9 October 1961
Location Mallala Race Circuit, Mallala, South Australia
Course Permanent racing facility
Course length 3.38 km (2.1 mi)
Distance 50 laps, 168.95 km (105 mi)
Weather Sunny
Pole position
Driver Cooper-Climax
Time 1'42.0
Fastest lap
Drivers Australia Bill Patterson Cooper-Climax
Fastest lap Australia Lex Davison Cooper-Climax
Time 1'44
First Cooper-Climax
  • Australia Bib Stillwell
Third Cooper-Climax

The 1961 Australian Grand Prix was a Formula Libre motor race [1] held at the newly completed Mallala Race Circuit in South Australia on 9 October 1961. The race, which was Round 5 of the 1961 Australian Drivers' Championship, had 17 starters.[2]

The race was the twenty sixth Australian Grand Prix and would be the last to be held in South Australia until the first Formula One World Championship Australian Grand Prix was staged at the new Adelaide Parklands Circuit in 1985. Lex Davison won his fourth and final AGP setting a record for wins that still stands today, having only been equalled by Michael Schumacher. David McKay actually crossed the finish line first but had been assigned a one-minute penalty, for a jumped start, which relegated him to third position behind Davison and Bib Stillwell.[3]

Davison’s Australian Grand Prix victory would be the last for a domestically-based Australian until Frank Matich won the 1970 AGP at Warwick Farm in Sydney driving a McLaren M10B Formula 5000 car, although British-based Australian Jack Brabham had won the AGP in both 1963 and 1964.

The Ricardian which was driven by John Newmarch in the 1961 Australian Grand Prix. The car is pictured at Mallala in 2012


Results as follows.[4]

Pos No. Driver Entrant [2] Car / Engine Laps Time
1 4 Australia Lex Davison B.S. Stillwell Cooper T51 / Coventry Climax FPF 2.2L 50 1h 29m 01s
2 6 Australia Bib Stillwell B.S. Stillwell Cooper T55 / Coventry Climax FPF 2.5L 50 1h 29m 42s
3 14 Australia David McKay Scuderia Veloce Cooper T51 / Coventry Climax FPF 2.5L 50 1h 30m 05s
4 9 Australia Bill Patterson Bill Patterson Motors P/L Cooper T51 / Coventry Climax FPF 2.5L 48
5 15 Australia Murray Trenberth M Trembarth Alta / Holden 2.5L 46
6 20 Australia Eddie Clay E Clay Cooper T23 / Bristol 2.2L 45
7 26 Australia Alan Jack Briefield Motors Cooper T39 / Coventry Climax FWB 1.5L [5] 48
8 45 Australia Trevor Ellis T Ellis Austin 8 Special / Austin Supercharged 0.9L [5] 38
9 16 Australia Mel McEwin M McEwin Tornado Mk II / Chevrolet 4.6L [2] 35 [2]
10 60 Australia Peter Wilkinson P Wilkinson Elfin Steamliner [2] / Ford 1.2L 35 [2]
Ret 5 Australia John Youl Scuderia Veloce Cooper T51 / Coventry Climax FPF 2.5L 46 Exhaustion
Ret 8 Australia Keith Rilstone K Rilstone Zephyr Special / Ford 2.3L 33 [2]
Ret 19 Australia Doug Whiteford Bill Patterson Motors P/L Cooper T51 / Coventry Climax FPF 2.5L 30 [2] Engine
Ret 11 Australia John Ampt J Ampt Cooper T38 / Jaguar 3.8L 25 [2]
Ret 30 Australia John Newmarch J Bruggeman Ricardian / Holden 2.4L 14 [2]
Ret 56 Australia Helene Bittner H Bittner Vitesse / Ford 100E 1.2L 1 [2] Gearbox [5]
Ret 3 Australia Laurie Whitehead L Whitehead Ausper T2 / Ford 1.0L [5] 0
DNS 2 Australia Stan Jones Stan Jones Motors Pty Ltd Cooper T51 / Coventry Climax FPF 2.5L Engine
DNS 29 Australia Garrie Cooper Elfin Sports Cars Elfin Formula Junior / Ford 1.1L [2] Gearbox
DNS 44 Australia Dud Dansie Bakewell Bridge Motors BBM rotary valve special / Holden - Dunstan Rotary Valve



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