1961 Intercontinental Cup

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1961 Intercontinental Cup
First game
Date 4 September 1961
Venue Estádio da Luz, Lisbon
Referee Othmar Huber (Switzerland)
Attendance 40,000
Second game
Date 17 September 1961
Venue Estadio Centenario, Montevideo
Referee Carlos Nai Foino (Argentina)
Attendance 56,358
1961 Intercontinental Cup play-off
Date 19 September 1961
Venue Estadio Centenario, Montevideo
Referee José Luis Praddaude (Argentina)
Attendance 60,241

The 1961 Intercontinental Cup was a football match between Uruguayan club Peñarol, winners of the 1961 Copa Libertadores, and Portuguese club Benfica, winners of the 1960–61 European Cup. Peñarol won the Intercontinental Cup for the first time.

A play-off was needed due to the rules at the time that awarded 2 points for each victory and both teams having won one game each.[1]

Playoff match[edit]

19 September 1961
Peñarol 2–1 Benfica
Sasía Goal 5' Goal 40' Report Eusébio Goal 35'
Estadio Centenario, Montevideo
Attendance: 60,241
Referee: José Luis Praddaude (Argentina)
GK 1 Uruguay Luis Maidana
DF Uruguay William Martínez
DF Uruguay Núber Cano
MF Uruguay Edgardo González
MF Uruguay Néstor Gonçalves
MF Uruguay Walter Aguerre
FW 7 Uruguay Luis Cubilla
FW Uruguay Ernesto Ledesma
FW Uruguay Juan F. Sasía
FW 9 Ecuador Alberto Spencer
FW Peru Juan Joya
Uruguay Roberto Scarone
GK 1 Portugal Costa Pereira
DF Portugal Ângelo Martins
DF Portugal Humberto Fernandes
MF Portugal Fernando Cruz
MF Portugal José Neto
MF Portugal Domiciano Cavém
FW Portugal José Augusto
FW 10 Portugal Eusébio
FW Portugal António Mendes
FW Portugal Mário Coluna
FW Portugal António Simões
Béla Guttmann[2]

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