1961 Lombank Trophy

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1961 Lombank Trophy
Non-championship race in the 1961 Formula One season
Race details
Date 26 March 1961
Official name II Lombank Trophy
Location Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit, Norfolk
Course Permanent racing facility
Course length 4.361 km (2.71 mi)
Distance 37 laps, 161.36 km (100.27 mi)
Weather Sunny, cool
Pole position
Driver Lotus-Climax
Time 1:34.4
Fastest lap
Driver United Kingdom Innes Ireland Lotus-Climax
Time 1:33.6
First Cooper-Climax
Second Lotus-Climax
Third Cooper-Climax

The 2nd Lombank Trophy was a motor race, run to Formula One rules, held on 26 March 1961 at Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit, England. The race was run over 37 laps of the circuit, and was won by Australian driver Jack Brabham in a Cooper T53.

This was the first Formula One event in Europe to be run to the new 1.5 litre rules, and the field was bolstered by a number of Inter-Continental Formula cars, i.e. cars that conformed to the old 2.5 litre Formula One. Only two of the Inter-Continental Formula cars finished the race, but they were a lap ahead of the other finishers. Some of the cars conforming to the new Formula One regulations were converted Formula Two cars.


Note: a blue background indicates an Inter-Continental Formula entrant.

Pos No. Driver Entrant Constructor Time/Retired Grid
1 1 Australia Jack Brabham Tommy Atkins Cooper-Climax 59:31.6 2
2 4 United Kingdom Cliff Allison UDT-Laystall Racing Team Lotus-Climax + 1:21.6 s 3
3 3 United Kingdom John Surtees Yeoman Credit Racing Team Cooper-Climax 36 laps 4
4 5 United Kingdom Henry Taylor UDT-Laystall Racing Team Lotus-Climax 36 laps 7
5 2 United Kingdom Roy Salvadori Yeoman Credit Racing Team Cooper-Climax 35 laps 5
6 7 United Kingdom Jim Clark Team Lotus Lotus-Climax 35 laps 6
7 19 United Kingdom Tim Parnell Tim Parnell Lotus-Climax 34 laps 11
8 16 United Kingdom Shane Summers Terry Bartram Cooper-Climax 32 laps 10
Ret 18 United Kingdom George Morgan Tommy Atkins Cooper-Climax Engine 9
Ret 6 United Kingdom Innes Ireland Team Lotus Lotus-Climax Gearbox 1
Ret 9 United Kingdom Brian Naylor JBW Cars JBW-Maserati Engine 8
Ret 10 France Bernard Collomb Bernard Collomb Cooper-Climax Engine 13
Ret 14 United Kingdom Graham Eden Graham Eden Cooper-Climax Accident 14
Ret 15 United Kingdom John Langton Ronald Wrenn Hume Cooper-Climax Engine 12
WD 8 United Kingdom Jack Fairman Tommy Atkins Cooper-Climax Car not ready -
WD 11 United Kingdom Geoff Richardson Geoff Richardson Cooper-Connaught Car not ready -
WD 12 United Kingdom John Campbell-Jones John Campbell-Jones Cooper-Climax -
WD 17 United Kingdom Keith Greene Gilby Engineering Gilby-Climax Car not ready -
WD 20 United Kingdom Gerry Ashmore Gerry Ashmore Lotus-Climax Car not delivered -


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