Turkish Airlines Flight 835

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Turkish Airlines Flight 835
Fokker F-27-100 TC-TEK THY ATH 22.04.73 edited-3.jpg
A Fokker F27-100 of Turkish Airlines landing at Ellinikon International Airport.
Crash summary
Date 23 September 1961
Summary Struck hill on final approach
Site Karanlıktepe, Ankara Province, Turkey
Passengers 25
Crew 4
Fatalities 28
Survivors 1
Aircraft type Fokker F27 Friendship 100
Operator Turkish Airlines
Registration TC-TAY
Stopover Adana Şakirpaşa Airport, Turkey
Destination Esenboğa International Airport, Ankara, Turkey

Turkish Airlines Flight 835 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Adana Şakirpaşa Airport, Adana to Esenboğa International Airport, Ankara, Turkey. On 23 September 1961 at 20:02 EET (18:02 UTC), the aircraft operating the flight, a brand-new Fokker F27 Friendship 100 struck the Karanlıktepe hill in Ankara Province on final approach some 18 kilometres (11 mi) off the runway centerline.[1]

The aircraft was carrying four crewmembers and 25 passengers of which 24 passengers and all the four crewmembers were killed in the accident.[2]

The probable cause of the accident was that the aircraft was not in the normal flying pattern and was well below its designated altitude.[3]


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