1962–63 French Rugby Union Championship

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French Rugby Championship 1962-1963
Countries France
Number of teams56
ChampionsMont-de-Marsan (1st title)
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1963-64 →

The 1962-63 French Rugby Union Championship was contested by 56 teams divided in 7 pools.

The four first teams of each pool and the better fourclassified fifth were qualified for the "last 32".

The Mont-de-Marsan won the Championship 1962-63 after beating l'Dax in the final. For the first time from 1934, the final opposes two teams of the same department (The Landes).


The 1963 Five Nations Championship was won by Ireland, France finished second.

The Challenge Yves du Manoir was won by Agen that beat Brive par 11 - 0.

Qualification round[edit]

In bold the qualified to "last 32" phase

Pool 1[edit]

Pool 2[edit]

Pool 3[edit]

Pool 4[edit]

Pool 5[edit]

Pool 6[edit]

Pool 7[edit]

"Last 32"[edit]

In bold the clubs qualified for the next round

Team 1 Team 2 Results
Mont-de-Marsan Vienne 17-11
Biarritz Brive 8-3
Chalon Agen 12-3
Vichy Bègles 11-0
Lourdes Mazamet 14-6
Stadoceste Paris Université Club 8-0
Cahors Castres 25-6
SBUC Toulose 9-6
Dax Aurillac 21-3
Touloun Racing 21-14
Chambéry Graulhet 17-9
La Voulte Lyon OU 11-3
Grenoble Lannemezan 10-6
Tulle Périgueux 12-5
Béziers Pau 6-3
Auch Montferrand 12-6

Le SU Agen, champion sortant and winner du Challenge Yves du Manoir, was eliminateddès The "last 32" phases par Chalon.

"Last 16"[edit]

In bold the clubs qualified for the next round

Team 1 Team 2 Results
Mont-de-Marsan Biarritz 14-6
Chalon Vichy 6-0
Lourdes Stadoceste 12-3
Cahors SBUC 3-0
Dax Toulon 8-3
Chambéry La Voulte 6-5
Grenoble Tulle 22-3
Béziers Auch 11-6

Quarter of finals[edit]

In bold the clubs qualified for the next round

Team 1 Team 2 Results
Mont-de-Marsan Chalon 9-3
Lourdes Cahors 3-0
Dax Chambéry 6-5
Grenoble Béziers 9-3


Team 1 Team 2 Results
Mont-de-Marsan Lourdes 9-8
Dax Grenoble 5-0


Teams Mont-de-Marsan - Dax
Score 9-6
Date 2 Juin 1963
Venue Parc Municipal des Sports, Bordeaux
Referee Albert Capelle
Mont-de-Marsan Pierre Cazals, Bernard Ces, Jean-Baptiste Amestoy, Paul Tignol, Guy Urbieta, Gilbert Hilcocq, Bernard Couralet, Fernand Martinez, Pierre Lestage, Alain Caillau, André Caillau, André Boniface, Guy Boniface, Christian Darrouy, Jacques Gourgues
Dax André Bérilhe, Léon Berho, Christian Lasserre, Jean-Claude Labadie, Marcel Cassiède, Bernard Dutin, Gaston Dubois, Claude Contis, Jean-Claude Lasserre, Pierre Albaladejo, Raymond Albaladejo, Jacques Bénédé, Henri Willems, Claude Darbos, Pierre Barbe
Mont-de-Marsan 1 penalty A.Boniface, 2 drops A.Boniface and Lestage
Dax 1 try J.C.Lasserre, 1 drop P.Albaladejo

Lestage score the decisive drop at minute 75th : It was the first and oinly victory of the "permet au Stade montois" and the third final lost by US Dax.

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