1962 African Cup of Nations qualification

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This page details the process of qualifying for the 1962 African Cup of Nations. 9 African nations initially entered the competition. Ethiopia and Egypt both automatically qualified as the host country and title holders respectively. Morocco would withdraw before play began, thus leaving only 7 teams vying for the remaining two spots in the finals.

Qualified teams[edit]

The 4 qualified teams are:


The 8 nations were paired 2-by-2 and played knock-out matches home-and-away. The 4 winners would then advance to the second round and pair off again to play home-and-away matches. The winners of these pairings would qualify for the finals. Qualifying took place between April 8, 1961, and December 10, 1961.

First round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg 3rd leg
Morocco  w/o  Tunisia
Nigeria  2–2 (d.l.)  Ghana 0–0 2–2
Kenya  1–3  Uganda 0–1 1–0 0–2
Tunisia Cancelled Morocco
Morocco Cancelled Tunisia

Tunisia advanced to the Second Round after the withdrawal of Morocco; both matches were officially awarded to Tunisia 2–0.

Nigeria 0–0 Ghana

The aggregate score was tied 2-2 after the two matches; Nigeria advanced to the Second Round after drawing lots.

Kenya 0–1 Uganda
Odong Goal 17'
Uganda 0–1 Kenya
Opicho Goal 75'

The aggregate score was tied 1-1 after the two matches. While the regulations stipulated that the tie should be decided on lots, Kenya and Uganda felt it should be decided on the pitch. CAF agreed to their request to stage a playoff.

Uganda 2–0 Kenya
Ssewava Goal 50'
Fauza Goal 80'

Second round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Nigeria  2–3  Tunisia 2–1 0–2
Uganda  Bye
Nigeria 2–1 Tunisia
Noquapor Goal 30'84' Klibi Goal 25'
Tunisia 2–2
(end score at 65')
(awarded score)
Chérif Goal 21'
Chetali Goal 65'
Onyeawuna Goal 12'
Igweonu Goal 25'

Nigeria walked off after Tunisia's equalizer in the 65th minute. Tunisia was thus awarded a 2–0 win, and qualified for the final by an aggregate score of 3–2.
Uganda qualify directly after a lot drawn by CAF between the three group winners (Nigeria, Uganda, Tunisia).

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