1962 French Évian Accords referendum

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A referendum to approve the Évian Accords ending the Algerian War and granting self-determination to Algeria was held in France on 8 April 1962.[1] It was approved by 90.8% of voters with a 75.3% turnout.[2]

On 1 July a second referendum was held in Algeria, with the question "Do you want Algeria to become an independent state cooperating with France under the conditions defined by the 19 March 1962 declarations?" put to voters. Only people living in Algeria could participate in this referendum.[3] This second referendum was approved by over 99.7% of voters.


Choice Metropolitan France Total
Votes % Votes %
For 17,508,607 90.7 17,866,423 90.8
Against 1,795,061 9.3 1,809,074 9.2
Invalid/blank votes 1,098,238 1,103,806
Total 20,401,906 100 20,779,303 100
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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