1962 Turkish Airlines Taurus Mountains crash

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1962 Turkish Airlines Taurus Mountains crash
Accident summary
Date 8 March 1962
Summary Controlled flight into terrain
Site Bolkar Mountains, Adana, Turkey
Passengers 8
Crew 3
Fatalities 11
Aircraft type Fairchild F-27
Operator Turkish Airlines
Registration TC-KOP
Flight origin Esenboğa Airport (ESB/LTAC)
Destination Adana Airport (ADA/LTAF)

The 1962 Turkish Airlines Taurus Mountains crash occurred on 8 March 1962 at 17:43 local time (15:43 UTC) when a Turkish Airlines Fairchild F-27 airliner, registration TC-KOP, on a scheduled domestic flight from Esenboğa Airport (ESB/LTAC) in Ankara to Adana Airport (ADA/LTAF), flew into the Bolkar Mountains on approach to landing.[1]


The Turkish Airlines F-27 departed from Esenboğa Airport at 16:20 EET (14:20 UTC) for a flight to Adana. The pilot reported en route passing Aksaray and estimated to arrive in Adana at 17:40 local time. At 17:28, the pilot reported at FL175 and requested a clearance to approach. At 17:40 the flight was cleared to 5,000 ft (1,500 m) and was asked to report crossing 8,000 ft (2,400 m) and 7,000 ft (2,100 m). Nothing more was heard from the flight. It appeared the plane had crashed at 6,800 ft (2,100 m) AMSL some 76 km (47 mi) from the Adana radio range[1] at Bolkar Mountains of southeastern Taurus mountain range.[1]

The probable cause of the accident was that the pilot was unable to keep track of his exact position or to maintain exact altitude in avoiding cumulus cloud, and associated turbulent conditions.[1]

Crew and passengers[edit]

The aircraft had three crew and eight passengers on board. All crew and passengers lost their lives at the crash.[1]


The aircraft, a Fairchild F-27 with two Rolls-Royce Dart turboprop engines, was produced by Fairchild Hiller with manufacturer serial number 83, and made its first flight in 1960.[1]

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