1963–64 Greenlandic Football Championship

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Greenlandic Football Championship
ChampionsK-33 (1st title)
Highest scoringGSS 12–5 Nagtoralik Paamiut

The 1963–64 Greenlandic Football Championship (also known as the Danish: Fodboldturneringen Grønlandturneringen, Fodboldmesterskab i Grønland or Greenlandic: Angutit Inersimasut GM) was the 4th edition of the Greenlandic Men's Football Championship. The tournament was played in four regional groups, where two teams advanced to the regional qualifying finals. The winners of these qualifiers advanced to the final knockout phase, which was held at Nuuk Stadium in Nuuk. It was won by Kissaviarsuk-33 who defeated Nanok in the final.


The first federation to organise a national football championship in Greenland was the GIF (Danish: Grønlands Idrætsforening), a general sports federation that organised more than just football tournaments, founded on 3 September 1953 at a meeting attended by eleven clubs from Upernavik, Uummannaq, Qeqertarsuatsiaat, Qasigiannguit, Aasiaat, Sisimiut, Maniitsoq, Nuuk, Paamiut and Qaqortoq.[1] The 1954–55 tournament was the first national football tournament and GIF continued to organise the competition, usually announced as Fodboldturneringen, Grønlandturneringen or Fodboldmesterskab i Grønland, until 1970.[1] For the first decade of its existence, the tournament was held sporadically, with iterations often taking more than a year to complete.[1] In 1971 a football specific federation, the Football Association of Greenland (Greenlandic: Kalaallit Nunaanni Isikkamik Arsaattartut Kattuffiat; Danish: Grønlands Boldspil-Union), was founded, and took over the organisation of the tournament.[1]


The first phase of the tournament split the teams into four geographic pools, with three of these pools containing two groups and the pool containing the most teams (North Greenland) being split into three groups. The group winners then played off directly to qualify for the final phase, with two of North Greenland's pool winners playing in a semi final before meeting Nanok, the other pool's winner and reigning champions in their geographic final.

The final phase saw the four regional champions play in a knockout series, held in Nuuk in September, 1964.[2]

Knockout stage[edit]

1/16 finals1/8 finalsQuarter finalsSemi finalsFinal
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg FC MalamukW
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg QalaleqL
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg FC Malamuk5
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg Kingmeq-451
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg Kingmeq-45W
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg ASP-62L
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg FC Malamuk0
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg Nanok-506
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg Nanok-50W
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg PiniartoqL
September 13, 1964
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg Nanok-505
Qeqqata-coat-of-arms.svg SAK4
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg T-416
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg Nagdlunguaq-482
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg T-415
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg K'SP2
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg K'SPW
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg Kugsak-45L
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg T-41L
Qeqqata-coat-of-arms.svg SAKW
Qeqqata-coat-of-arms.svg SAKW
Qeqqata-coat-of-arms.svg Kagssuk ILL
September 17, 1964
Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg Nanok-501
Kujalleq-coat-of-arms.svg K-334
Sermersooq-coat-of-arms.png GSS15
Sermersooq-coat-of-arms.png Kagssagssuk0
Sermersooq-coat-of-arms.png GSS (a.e.t.)4
Sermersooq-coat-of-arms.png Qoornoq IL3
Sermersooq-coat-of-arms.png GSS12
Sermersooq-coat-of-arms.png Nagtoralik Paamiut5
Sermersooq-coat-of-arms.png Nagtoralik Paamiut9
Sermersooq-coat-of-arms.png Tusilartoq0
Sermersooq-coat-of-arms.png Nagtoralik Paamiut4
Sermersooq-coat-of-arms.png Nuuk IL2
September 15, 1964
Sermersooq-coat-of-arms.png GSS3
Kujalleq-coat-of-arms.svg K-334 Third place
Kujalleq-coat-of-arms.svg K-334
 September 17, 1964
Kujalleq-coat-of-arms.svg Aassik-432
Kujalleq-coat-of-arms.svg K-336 Qeqqata-coat-of-arms.svg SAK2
Kujalleq-coat-of-arms.svg Pameeq2 Sermersooq-coat-of-arms.png GSS1
Kujalleq-coat-of-arms.svg Pameeq7
Kujalleq-coat-of-arms.svg Nauja0
Kujalleq-coat-of-arms.svg K-338
Kujalleq-coat-of-arms.svg Narssarmiutaq2
Kujalleq-coat-of-arms.svg Narssarmiutaq14
Kujalleq-coat-of-arms.svg Qavak1


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