1963 European Touring Car Challenge

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1963 European Touring Car Challenge
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The 1963 European Touring Car Challenge was the inaugural season of what would become the European Touring Car Championship. On 16 June 1963, the first race was staged on the classic Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit. After a hillclimb event at Mont Ventoux, the challenge headed to England for two races, as classes were divided between events at Brands Hatch and Mallory Park. Round five was hosted by the brand new Zolder circuit, then the challenge crossed the border into the Netherlands and on to Zandvoort. Another hillclimb at the Timmelsjoch for round seven, and the final would be held behind the Iron Curtain, in Hungary.

Although the challenge was a success, the point scoring systems used wasn’t. The first challenge left us with five drivers sharing the top position, with Peter Nöcker, being declared the champion. This was because there was up to nine classes, all having their own separate race winners. This point system would remain right up to 1988, when the ETCC stopped.

The challenge had a lot of competitive cars, unfortunately not many of them in the same class. On the other hand, speed differences were not that large, so a Mini was sometimes able to outpace many bigger cars.

European Touring Car Challenge[edit]

Champion: Germany Peter Nöcker

Runner Up: Germany Wolf-Dieter Mantzel



Date Round Circuit/Hillclimb Classes Winning driver(s) Winning team Winning car
16/06 Rd. 1 West Germany Nürburgring Class 1-9 West Germany Peter Lindner
West Germany Peter Nöcker
Peter Lindner Racing Jaguar 3.8 Litre Mark 2
23/06 Rd. 2 France Mont Ventoux Class 2-9 Italy Leo Cella Driver Lancia Flavia Coupé
06/07 Rd. 3 United Kingdom Brands Hatch Class 4-9 United Kingdom Roy Salvadori
New Zealand Denny Hulme
Tommy Atkins Jaguar 3.8 Litre Mark 2
13/07 Rd. 4 United Kingdom Mallory Park Class 2-3 Sweden Björn Rothstein Driver Saab 96 Sport
25/08 Rd. 5 Belgium Zolder Class 2-3 Sweden Gösta Karlsson Gösta Karlsson Saab 96 Sport
Class 4-5 Netherlands Rob Slotemaker Downton Engineering Austin Mini Cooper S
Class 6-9 West Germany Peter Nöcker Jaguar 3.8 Litre Mark 2
01/09 Rd. 6 Netherlands Zandvoort Class 1-3 Sweden Gösta Karlsson Driver Saab 96 Sport
Class 4-6 Netherlands Rob Slotemaker Downton Engineering Austin Mini Cooper S
Class 7-9 United Kingdom John Sparrow John Sparrow Jaguar 3.8 Litre Mark 2
15/09 Rd. 7 Austria Timmelsjoch Class 2-9 West Germany Peter Nöcker Jaguar 3.8 Litre Mark 2
22/09 Rd. 8 Hungary Népliget Park, Budapest Class 2-9 Italy Luigi Cabella
Italy Carlo Facetti
HF Squadra Corse Lancia Flaminia


Place Driver Car Total
1 Germany Peter Nöcker Jaguar 3.8 Litre Mark 2 60
2 Germany Wolf-Dieter Mantzel DKW F12 60
3 Germany Hubert Hahne BMW 700 60
4 Netherlands Rob Slotemaker Austin Mini Cooper S
BMW 700
5 Sweden Tom Trana Volvo 122S 60
6 Sweden Gösta Karlsson Saab 96 Sport 58
7 Sweden Björn Rothstein Saab 96 Sport 56
8= Italy Luigi Cabella Lancia Flaminia 54
Italy Leo Cella Lancia Flaminia
Germany Jochen Neerpasch Volvo 122S
Germany Jürgen Grähser BMW 700
United Kingdom John Aley Austin Mini Cooper S
Morris Mini 850
13 Germany Ernst Furtmayr Alfa Romeo Giulia TI 52
14 United Kingdom John Thurston Morris Mini Cooper S
DKW Junior de Luxe
Morris Mini 850
15 Germany Hans Braun NSU Sport Prinz 46
16 Netherlands Loek Nerden Austin Mini Cooper 43
17 United Kingdom Bill Blydenstein Vauxhall VX4/90 41
18 Netherlands Leo Hans von Veh BMW 700 40

The first five drivers finished level on points; the overall result of the Nürburgring was decisive… another contemporary report mentions "the ones with the most victories, Nöcker, Mantzel and Hahne were classified in the order of who had the biggest winner margin over second in class".


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