1963 NASCAR Grand National Series

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1963 Grand National Series season
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The 1963 NASCAR Grand National Series season was the fourteenth season in what is now called the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.


Daytona 500[edit]

Main article: 1963 Daytona 500

The 1963 Daytona 500 was won by Tiny Lund driving a 1963 Ford. Lund drove his number 12 to victory in three hours and 17 minutes. Lund filled in for an injured Marvin Panch, who suffered injuries after a crash in a Maserati was driving a Wood Brothers car.

  1. United States Tiny Lund
  2. United States Fred Lorenzen
  3. United States Ned Jarrett
  4. United States Nelson Stacy
  5. United States Dan Gurney
  6. United States Richard Petty
  7. United States Bobby Johns
  8. United States Joe Weatherly
  9. United States Johnny Rutherford
  10. United States Tommy Irwin

Pickens 200[edit]

Main article: 1963 Pickens 200

The 1963 Pickens 200 was a NASCAR Grand National Series racing event that took place on July 30, 1963, at Greenville-Pickens Speedway (Greenville, South Carolina).

Three lead changes ended up circulating amongst three different race leaders. This racing event took place on a dirt track oval with 200 laps being the pre-determined number of laps according to the NASCAR officials who sanctioned the event. J. D. McDuffie would crash into the wall on his first lap in his 1961 Ford Galaxie vehicle; causing him to become the last-place finisher of the race.

Frank Warren would make his NASCAR debut racing against Buck Baker, Neil Castles, Joe Weatherly, Wendell Scott (NASCAR's first African-American competitor), and Cale Yarborough.

  1. 41-Richard Petty
  2. 11-Ned Jarrett
  3. 87-Buck Baker
  4. 2-Fred Harb
  5. 99-Bobby Isaac
  6. 6-David Pearson
  7. 32-Tiny Lund
  8. 05-Joe Weatherly
  9. X-Frank Warren
  10. 34-Wendell Scott

Sandlapper 200[edit]

Main article: 1963 Sandlapper 200

The 1963 Sandlapper 200 was the official site of Richard Petty's 25th NASCAR Grand National win for Petty Enterprises; leading 138 laps in that race. The race took place on August 8, 1963 at Columbia Speedway in Columbia, South Carolina. Two hundred laps were done on a dirt track spanning 0.500 miles (0.805 km).

  1. United States Richard Petty
  2. United States David Pearson
  3. United States Bobby Isaac
  4. United States Ned Jarrett
  5. United States G.C. Spencer
  6. United States Billy Wade
  7. United States Jack Smith
  8. United States Cale Yarborough
  9. United States Wendell Scott
  10. United States Bobby Keck

Old Dominion 500[edit]

Main article: 1963 Old Dominion 500

The 1963 Old Dominion 500 is a NASCAR Grand National Series race that took place on September 22, 1963 at Martinsville Speedway in Martinsville, Virginia, U.S.. Possum Jones and Bobby Keck were the two drivers not to qualify for this event. The race was scheduled for 500 laps; taking three hours and forty-two minutes to complete. Fred Lorenzen defeated Marvin Panch by a single lap and two seconds.

  1. Fred Lorenzen
  2. Marvin Panch
  3. Joe Weatherly
  4. David Pearson
  5. Richard Petty
  6. Billy Wade
  7. Fireball Roberts
  8. Nelson Stacy
  9. Jack Smith
  10. Buck Baker

Golden State 400[edit]

Main article: 1963 Golden State 400

The 1963 Golden State 400 is a NASCAR Grand National Series racing event held on November 3, 1963, at Riverside International Raceway in the American community of Riverside, California.

Richard Petty attempted to drive five laps using automatic transmission but his transmission failed after only five laps into the race; proving that NASCAR may always be for vehicles with manual transmission. He would go on to become a replacement driver for Junior Johnson; although Johnson get credit for the fifth-place finish.

  1. 16-Darel Dieringer
  2. 21-Dave MacDonald
  3. 121-Marvin Panch
  4. 22-Fireball Roberts
  5. 26-Junior Johnson
  6. 47-Jack Smith
  7. 8-Joe Weatherly
  8. 62-Bill Amick
  9. 18-Bob Ross
  10. 97-Ron Hornaday, Sr.