1963 Uber Cup

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The 1963 Uber Cup was the third edition of the Uber Cup, the women's badminton competition. The tournament took place in the 1962-63 badminton season, 11 countries competed. Defending champions the United States hosted the final and claimed victory over England — their third consecutive victory, out of three attempts in Uber Cup, largely on the strength of Judy Devlin once again winning all three of her matches.


As the defending champion, United States automatically advanced to the Challenge round.


Knockout stages[edit]

First round[edit]

England England 7–0 Canada Canada Boston
Indonesia Indonesia 4–3 New Zealand New Zealand New London

Final round[edit]

England England 5–2 Indonesia Indonesia Bronxville

Challenge round[edit]

April 6, 1963

United States United States 4–3 England England Wilmington
1963 Uber Cup Champions
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United States
Third title