1964 Aintree 200

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United Kingdom  1964 Aintree 200
Race details
Non-championship race in the 1964 Formula One season
Date 18 April 1964
Official name IX Aintree 200
Location Aintree Circuit, Merseyside
Course Permanent racing facility
Course length 4.828 km (3 mi)
Distance 67 laps, 323.476 km (201 mi)
Pole position
Driver BRM
Time 1:53.8
Fastest lap
Driver United Kingdom Jim Clark Lotus-Climax
Time 1:52.2
First Brabham
Second BRM
Third Lotus-Climax

The 9th Aintree 200 was a motor race, run to Formula One rules, held on 18 April 1964 at Aintree Circuit, England. The race was run over 67 laps of the circuit, and was won by Australian driver Jack Brabham in a Brabham BT7.

During most of the race, Brabham duelled for the lead with Lotus driver Jim Clark, but the Australian won easily after Clark was obstructed by André Pilette and crashed on lap 47.

There was also a class for Formula Two cars in this race, which was won by Mike Spence after the two cars in front of him retired on the last lap; Brian Hart suffering a driveshaft failure and Alan Rees running out of fuel.


Note: a blue background indicates a Formula Two entrant.

Pos Driver Entrant Constructor Time/Retired Grid
1 Australia Jack Brabham Brabham Racing Organisation Brabham-Climax 2.09:02.6 2
2 United Kingdom Graham Hill Owen Racing Organisation BRM + 34.0 1
3 United Kingdom Peter Arundell Team Lotus Lotus-Climax + 1:31.0 3
4 Sweden Jo Bonnier Rob Walker Racing Team Cooper-Climax 66 laps 8
5 United Kingdom John Taylor Gerard Racing Cooper-Ford 65 laps 12
6 United Kingdom Mike Spence Ron Harris / Team Lotus Lotus-Cosworth 64 laps 18
7 South Africa Tony Maggs Midland Racing Partnership Lola-Cosworth 64 laps 20
8 United Kingdom Richard Attwood Midland Racing Partnership Lola-Cosworth 64 laps 16
9 Italy Giancarlo Baghetti Scuderia Centro Sud BRM 63 laps 14
10 New Zealand Denny Hulme Brabham Racing Developments Brabham-Cosworth 63 laps 11
11 Belgium André Pilette Equipe Scirocco Belge Scirocco-Climax 61 laps 25
12 United Kingdom Brian Hart Cosworth Engineering Lotus-Cosworth Halfshaft 15
13 United Kingdom Alan Rees Roy Winkelmann Racing Brabham-Cosworth Out of fuel 19
14 United Kingdom John Fenning Ron Harris / Team Lotus Lotus-Ford 60 laps 23
15 United Kingdom Ian Raby Ian Raby (Racing) Brabham-BRM 55 laps 22
Ret United Kingdom Jim Clark Team Lotus Lotus-Climax Accident 4
Ret United Kingdom Innes Ireland British Racing Partnership BRP-BRM Rear wishbone 7
Ret United Kingdom Tony Hegbourne Normand Ltd. Cooper-Cosworth Engine 17
Ret United States Dan Gurney Brabham Racing Organisation Brabham-Climax Transmission 21
Ret United Kingdom Mike Hailwood Reg Parnell Racing Lotus-BRM Engine 13
Ret United Kingdom David Hobbs Merlyn Racing Merlyn-Cosworth Overheating 24
Ret United Kingdom Trevor Taylor British Racing Partnership BRP-BRM Piston rings 9
Ret New Zealand Bruce McLaren Cooper Car Company Cooper-Climax Overheating 5
Ret United States Phil Hill Cooper Car Company Cooper-Climax Gearbox 10
Ret New Zealand Chris Amon Reg Parnell Racing Lotus-BRM Fuel feed 27
DNS United States Richie Ginther Owen Racing Organisation BRM Practice accident (6)
DNS Portugal Mário Cabral Mario Cabral Cooper-Climax Gearbox (26)
WD United Kingdom John Surtees SEFAC Ferrari Ferrari -
WD United States Peter Revson Revson Racing (America) Lotus-BRM Car not ready -
WD United Kingdom Bob Anderson DW Racing Enterprises Brabham-Climax Car not delivered -
WD Switzerland Jo Siffert Siffert Racing Team Lotus-BRM Driver injured -
WD United Kingdom Mike Beckwith Normand Ltd. Cooper-Cosworth Gearbox -


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