1965–66 Coupe de France

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The Coupe de France's results of the 1965–66 season. RC Strasbourg won the final played on May 22, 1966, beating FC Nantes.

Round of 16[edit]

Team 1 Score Team 2
RC Strasbourg (D1) 5–2 Stade Briochin (DH)
AS Cherbourg (D2) 1–0 Lille OSC (D1)
Toulouse FC (D1) 2–0 Olympique Lyonnais (D1)
FC Sochaux-Montbéliard (D1) 4–0 Nîmes Olympique (D1)
AC Ajaccio (D2) 3–2 AS Aix (D2)
FC Nantes (D1) 2–0 Red Star (D1) replay
Angers SCO (D1) 3–0 AS Cannes (D1) replay
Stade de Reims (D2) 3–2 Stade Rennais (D1) replay


Team 1 Score Team 2
RC Strasbourg (D1) 1–0 AS Cherbourg (D2)
Toulouse FC (D1) 2–0 FC Sochaux-Montbéliard (D1)
FC Nantes (D1) 2–0 AC Ajaccio (D2)
Angers SCO (D1) 3–1 Stade de Reims (D2)


FC Nantes 3 – 0 Angers SCO
Gondet Goal 29' Goal 74'
Simon Goal 71'


May 22, 1966
RC Strasbourg 1 – 0 FC Nantes
Sbaiz Goal 51'