1965 Saigon bombing

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1965 Saigon bombing
Location Saigon River, Saigon, Vietnam
Date June 25, 1965
8:15 p.m. (UTC+7)
Attack type
Time bomb
Deaths 42[1]
Non-fatal injuries
Suspected perpetrators

On June 25, 1965, during the Vietnam War, a series of two bombings took place in Saigon. 42 people were killed in the explosions.[1]

My Canh Café[edit]

The first bomb detonated at 8:15 p.m. (local time) in a floating restaurant "My Canh Café" on the banks of the Saigon River. 31–32 people were killed, and 42 were wounded.[2][3] Of the casualties, 13 were American, and many others were Vietnamese citizens.[3]

Second bombing[edit]

At the same time as the first blast another bomb exploded next to a tobacco stall on the bank of the river near the floating restaurant.[1] The blast killed at least one American woman.


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