1965 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

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1965 United States Figure Skating Championships
Type: National Championship
Date: February 10 – 13
Season: 1964–65
Location: Lake Placid, New York
Venue: Olympic Arena
1964 U.S. Championships
1966 U.S. Championships

The 1965 United States Figure Skating Championships was an event organized by U.S. Figure Skating to determine the U.S. national champions and the U.S. team for the 1965 World Championships. Medals were awarded in three colors: gold (first), silver (second), and bronze (third) in four disciplines – men's singles, ladies' singles, pair skating, and ice dancing – across three levels: senior, junior, and novice. The event was held at the (1932) Olympic Arena in Lake Placid, New York, from February 10 to 13, 1965.

Gary Visconti defeated defending champion Scott Allen in the men's event, winning both the compulsory figures and free skating. Visconti skated a clean free skate with double jumps while Allen, although landing a triple salchow, fell on a triple loop and made other mistakes. Tim Wood was third in both figures and free skating, where he landed a good triple salchow.

In the ladies' event, Peggy Fleming retained her title. She had placed second to Christine Haigler in the compulsory figures, but Haigler fell three times in her free skate, while Fleming skated a clean program with superior connecting moves as well as clean double axel and double lutz jumps. Tina Noyes also skated a strong program with a double axel and several double jump combinations to take the bronze medal.

In the pairs and dance competitions, the 1964 champions had retired. The new pair champions were Vivian and Ronald Joseph. Both they and the second-place team Cynthia and Ronald Kauffman performed unusual pair spin variations in their free skating programs. Kristin Fortune and Dennis Sveum were the new dance champions.

Senior-level results[edit]


Rank Name
1 Gary Visconti
2 Scott Allen
3 Tim Wood
4 Duane Maki
5 Billy Chapel
6 Richard Callaghan
7 Buddy Zack


Rank Name
1 Peggy Fleming
2 Christine Haigler
3 Albertina Noyes
4 Myrna Bodek
5 Carol Noir
6 Joya Utermohlen
7 Taffy Pergament
8 Louise Wakefield


Rank Name
1 Vivian Joseph / Ronald Joseph
2 Cynthia Kauffman / Ronald Kauffman
3 Joanne Heckert / Gary Clark
4 Barbara Yaggi / Gene Floyd

Ice dancing (Gold Dance)[edit]

Rank Name
1 Kristin Fortune / Dennis Sveum
2 Lorna Dyer / John Carrell
3 Susan Urban / Stanley Urban
4 Carole MacSween / Robert Munz
5 Wilma Piper / Thomas Easton
6 Janet Burhans / Nicholas Burhans

Junior-level results[edit]


Rank Name
1 Paul McGrath
2 Robert Black
3 Ron Frank
4 Robert Lubotina
5 John Misha Petkevich
6 James Disbrow
7 Johnny Moore
8 John Dystel
9 Loren Carlson


Rank Name
1 Sharon Bates
2 Pamela Schneider
3 Sondra Lee Holmes
4 Gail Newberry
5 Honey Kerr
6 Helen Dane
7 Jennie Walsh
8 Janet Lynn
9 Lynn Haglund


Rank Name
1 Page Paulsen / Larry Dusich
2 Susan Berens / Roy Wagelein
3 Betty Lewis / Richard Gilbert
4 Sharon Bates / Richard Inglesi
5 Bona Dai Beckstrom / Robert Lubotina
6 Nancy Hagen / Thomas Hagen
7 Susan Gearhart / Bud Gearhart
8 Chickie Berlin / Ron Basten

Ice dancing (Silver Dance)[edit]

Rank Name
1 Kathy Flaherty / Roger Berry
2 Sandra Schwomeyer / James Pennington
3 Dolly Rodenbaugh / Thomas Lescinski
4 Jean Bomberg / Monroe Meier
5* Dale Lynne / Russel Bowen
6* Suzanne Gillespie / Jeffrey Wilkens
7* Joan Sherbloom / David Turner
8* Alma Davenport / Marshall Rule
9* Barrett Brown / Gary Palmer
10* Joan Brosten / Preston Ervin
11* Connie Espander / Gregory Jenkins

* Eliminated before final round

Novice-level results[edit]


Rank Name
1 Roger Bass
2 Atoy Wilson
3 Christopher Young
4 John Baldwin Sr.
5 Joe Lasby
6 Gordon McKellen
7 Doug Berndt
8 Perry Hutchings
9 Michael Fiore
10 Graeme Powrie


Rank Name
1 Julie Lynn Holmes
2 Coco Gram
3 Nancy Brunnckow
4 Cindy Watson
5 Roseanne Lee
6 Libby McFadden
7 Allen Reynolds
8 Patty Grazier
9 Christine Kjarsgaard


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