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List of years in television (table)

The year 1965 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events in 1965.

For the American TV schedule, see: 1965–66 United States network television schedule.


Also in 1965
  • First television broadcasts in Paraguay.
  • Three independently-affiliated stations in the Philadelphia market—The "Other Big 3 in Philly"—start operations: WIBF (channel 29) opens on May 16; WKBS-TV (channel 48) opens on September 1 (and operates until 1983); and WPHL-TV (channel 17) opens on September 17.
  • Motorola introduces the first succussful rectangular tube color TV to the mass market.



Ending during 1965[edit]

Date Show Debut
January 16 The Outer Limits 1963
March 11 Jonny Quest 1964
May 22 The Jack Benny Program 1950
September 3 The Price Is Right 1956

Changes of network affiliation[edit]

Show Moved from Moved to
My Three Sons ABC CBS
Hazel NBC


Date Name Notability
January 3 Penny Smith Television presenter
January 4 Julia Ormond Actress (Witches of East End)
January 22 Diane Lane Actress (Lonesome Dove)
February 3 Maura Tierney Actress (ER)
February 7 Chris Rock Actor and comedian (Saturday Night Live)
February 23 Kristin Davis Actress (Charlotte on Sex and the City)
March 25 Sarah Jessica Parker Actress (Carrie on Sex and the City)
April 16 Martin Lawrence Actor and comedian (Martin)
Jon Cryer Actor (Two and a Half Men)
April 26 Kevin James Actor (The King of Queens)
May 7 Owen Hart Canadian wrestler (WWF)
May 23 Melissa McBride Actress (The Walking Dead)
May 27 Todd Bridges Actor (Willis on Diff'rent Strokes)
May 31 Brooke Shields Actress (Suddenly Susan) and model
July 7 Jeremy Kyle TV presenter (The Jeremy Kyle Show)
July 22 Shawn Michaels Wrestler (WWE)
August 6 Mark Speight British television presenter (SMart)
August 10 Claudia Christian Actress (Babylon 5)
August 29 Dina Spybey Actress
September 3 Charlie Sheen Actor ( Two and a Half Men)
September 9 Constance Marie Actress (George Lopez)
November 4 Kiersten Warren Actress (Saved by the Bell: The College Years)
November 21 Alexander Siddig Actor (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
November 30 Ben Stiller Actor / producer (The Ben Stiller Show)
December 21 Andy Dick Actor (NewsRadio)


Date Name Age Notability
February 15 Nat King Cole 45 Actor and singer (The Nat King Cole Show)
April 27 Edward R. Murrow 57 CBS newsman