1966 Edmonton municipal election

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The 1966 municipal election was held October 19, 1966, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to elect a mayor and twelve aldermen to sit on Edmonton City Council and seven trustees to sit on each of the public and separate school boards. The electorate also decided three plebiscite questions.

The electoral system used was First past the post for the mayoral election and Plurality block voting for the election of councillors and trustees. Voters could cast as many as votes as the members to be elected.

Voter turnout[edit]

There were 125084 ballots cast out of 208716 eligible voters, for a voter turnout of 59.9%.


(bold indicates elected, italics indicate incumbent)


Party Candidate Votes %
Independent Vincent Dantzer 64,233 51.85%
Independent William Hawrelak 54,544 44.03%
Independent Alex Latta 5,105 4.12%


Party Candidate Votes Elected
Better Civic Government Committee Morris Weinlos 60,731 Green tickY
Independent Ivor Dent 54,380 Green tickY
Civil Rights Association Julia Kiniski 53,969 Green tickY
Better Civic Government Committee John Leslie Bodie 52,805 Green tickY
Better Civic Government Committee James Bateman 47,229 Green tickY
Better Civic Government Committee Frank Edwards 42,979 Green tickY
Independent Ed Leger 40,750 Green tickY
Better Civic Government Committee Una Evans 39,469 Green tickY
Better Civic Government Committee Cec Purves 37,607 Green tickY
Independent Angus McGugan 36,115 Green tickY
Independent Neil Crawford 35,846 Green tickY
Better Civic Government Committee Reginald Easton 35,353 Green tickY
Better Civic Government Committee Kathleen McCallum 35,294
Independent Norbert Berkowitz 34,628
Independent James Falconer 34,151
Better Civic Government Committee Don Gray 31,279
Better Civic Government Committee Conrad Kosowan 28,939
Independent Allan Welsh 28,864
Better Civic Government Committee Bob Evans 27,962
Independent Catherine Chichak 25,458
Independent Ron Hayter 24,981
Independent Laurette Douglas 24,060
Independent G. A. (Pat) O'Hara 23,968
Independent A. Terry Laing 23,348
Independent Patrick Ryan 23,108
Independent Ken McAuley 20,384
Independent Paul Bassett 20,129
Better Civic Government Committee Jack Holmes 17,970
Independent L. M. Campbell 17,606
Independent Joyce Kurie 16,612
Independent Albert Bourcier 16,001
Independent Lila Fahlman 13,867
Independent Patrick Murphy 13,048
Independent John Lakusta 12,258
Independent Assad Farrah 12,209
Independent Douglas Tomlinson 12,174
Independent Harold Oppelt 12,127
Civil Rights Association Ernest Betteridge 11,245
Independent Walter (Wally) Brox 11,201
Independent Michael English 10,860
Independent Joe Tannous 9,966
Independent Walter Makowecki 9,375
Independent John Peets 6,677
Civil Rights Association Ivar Vanags 5,720

Public school trustees[edit]

Party Candidate Votes Elected
Better Education Association Earl Buxton 52,500 Green tickY
Better Education Association Jackson Willis 51,938 Green tickY
Better Education Association Milton Lazerte 50,066 Green tickY
Quality Education Council Edith Rogers 45,595 Green tickY
Better Education Association John Bracco 44,228 Green tickY
Better Education Association Warren Edward (Ted) Smith 42,747 Green tickY
Independent Vernon Johnson 34,874 Green tickY
Better Education Association Lois Campbell 31,903
Better Education Association Mary Johnson 28,587
Independent Dorothy Preston 18,943
Quality Education Council Joseph Boehm 16,844
Quality Education Council Joan Ennion 16,476
Quality Education Council John Poppitt 16,162
Quality Education Council Anna Pollock 15,544
Independent William Chomyn 14,244
Quality Education Council John Fuga 11,260
Independent Laura Tuomi 8,867

Separate (Catholic) school trustees[edit]

Party Candidate Votes Elected
Independent George Brosseau 17,518 Green tickY
Independent G. Rene Boileau 16,891 Green tickY
Independent Jean McDonald 16,136 Green tickY
Independent Bernard Feehan 15,217 Green tickY
Independent Bill Diachuk 15,057 Green tickY
Independent Orest Demco 14,580 Green tickY
Independent Edward Stack 14,561 Green tickY
Independent Bob Neville 14,356
Independent Elmar Abele 12,615
Independent Harry Carrigan 12,434



Should Council pass bylaw No. 2789 to borrow by debentures $5,750,000.00 as the City share of a cross-river bridge and approaches at 72nd Street to arterial standards from 98th Avenue to 101st Avenue, to freeway standards from 101st Avenue to 112th Avenue and to arterial standards from 112th Avenue to 118th Avenue?

  • Yes - 53750
  • No - 24062

Fluoridation of Water[edit]

Should Council pass bylaw No. 2889 allowing fluoride for the prevention of toothdecay to be added to the City water supply sufficient to bring the fluoride content of City water up to the level of one part fluoride to one million parts of water?

  • Yes - 71618
  • No - 46255

Allowing Events on Sundays[edit]

Should Council pass bylaw No. 2886 as authorized by The Alberta Lord's Day Act allowing certain public games, contests or sports at which a fee is charged on Sunday afternoons between the hours of half past one and six o’clock?

  • Yes - 93310
  • No - 25258


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