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Events in the year 1966 in Israel.



Former Iraqi MiG-21, the subject of Operation Diamond, at the Israeli Air Force Museum in Hatzerim
The Knesset building is inaugurated on 30 August.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict[edit]

The most prominent events related to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict which occurred during 1966 include:

Notable Palestinian militant operations against Israeli targets

The most prominent Palestinian terror attacks committed against Israelis during 1966 include:

  • 25 April - Explosions placed by terrorists wounded two civilians and damaged three houses in moshav Beit Yosef, in the Beit She'an Valley.
  • 14 July - Armed Palestinian militants attacked a house in Kfar Yuval.
  • 19 July - Armed Palestinian militants infiltrated into Moshav Margaliot on the northern border and planted nine explosive charges.
  • 27 October - A civilian was wounded by an explosive charge on the railroad tracks to Jerusalem.
  • 11 November – An Israeli border patrol vehicle carrying policemen drives over a land mine near the Israeli-Jordanian Armistice line, killing three policemen and wounding six;[2] the mine is reportedly planted by the PLO subgroup, Fatah.[3]

Notable Israeli military operations against Palestinian militancy targets

The most prominent Israeli military counter-terrorism operations (military campaigns and military operations) carried out against Palestinian militants during 1966 include:

  • 13 November – Samu Incident: Following a series of sabotage acts committed against Israeli targets, in particular the deaths of the three Israeli policemen killed by a land mine two days earlier, IDF forces cross into Jordan and raid the West Bank village of as-Samu, south of the city of Hebron. During the operation 18 Jordanians soldiers and one Israeli soldier are killed.

Notable births[edit]

  • 7 April – Zvika Hadar, Israeli actor, comedian and television host.
  • 7 May – Dafna Dekel, Israeli singer and actress.

Notable deaths[edit]

  • 25 January – Saul Adler (born 1895), Russian (Belarus)-born Israeli physician, microbiologist and parasitology expert.
  • 10 October – Eliyahu Meridor (born 1914), Russian-born Israeli politician.
  • 4 November – Ya'akov Klivnov (born 1887), Russian (Belarus)-born Israeli politician.
  • 8 November – Bernhard Zondek (born 1891), German-born Israeli gynecologist, developer of first reliable pregnancy test.

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