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Notable events of 1966 in comics. See also List of years in comics.

Events and publications[edit]

Year overall[edit]





  • Lenny of Laredo (Print Mint) — the underground printing and distribution business publishes its first comic, a reprint of Joel Beck's self-published title[1]











Date unknown[edit]

  • Ed Wheelan, American cartoonist (Minute Movies), dies at age 80. [9]


First issues by title[edit]

Harvey Comics[edit]

Release: December.
Double-Dare Adventures
Release: December. Writer: Otto Binder. Artist: Bill Draut
Release: September. Artists: George Tuska, Jim Steranko, Dick Ayers

Other publishers[edit]

Fantasy MasterpiecesMarvel Comics
Release: February. Editor: Stan Lee
GesebelEditoriale Corno
Release: February. Writer: Max Bunker. Artist: Magnus
Henry BrewsterM. F. Enterprises
Release: February. Writer: Bob Powell. Artist: Bob Powell
Lady PenelopeCity Magazines
Release: 22 January.
Peter Cannon, ThunderboltCharlton Comics
Release: January. Writer: Pete Morisi. Artist: Pete Morisi
Smash!International Publishing Corporation
Release: February 1966. Editor: Albert Cosser ("Cos")
Teen TitansDC Comics
Release: January. Writer: Bob Haney. Artist: Nick Cardy
Undersea AgentTower Comics
Release: January. Artist: Ray Bailey
Weird (listed as vol. 1, #10) — Eerie Publications
Release: January. Editor: Roger Elwood
witzendWally Wood (self-published)
Release: Summer. Editor: Wally Wood
ZorroGold Key Comics
Release: January. Artist: Alex Toth

Initial appearances by character name[edit]

Charlton Comics[edit]

DC Comics[edit]

Harvey Comics[edit]

Marvel Comics[edit]

Other publishers[edit]


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