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The 1967 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations that chose College Football All-America Teams in 1967.

The NCAA recognizes six selectors as "official" for the 1967 season. They are (1) the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), (2) the Associated Press (AP), (3) the Central Press Association (CP), (4) the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), (5) the Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA), and (6) the United Press International (UPI).[1] Four of the six teams (AP, UPI, NEA, and FWAA) were selected by polling of sports writers and/or broadcasters. The Central Press team was selected with input from the captains of the major college teams. The AFCA team was based on a poll of coaches. Other notable selectors, though not recognized by the NCAA as official, included Time magazine,[2] The Sporting News (TSN), and the Walter Camp Football Foundation (WC).[3]

Offensive selections[edit]


  • Dennis Homan, Alabama (AFCA [split end], AP-1, CP-1, FWAA, NEA-2 [FL], UPI-1, WC, TSN)
  • Ron Sellers, Florida State (AFCA [flanker], AP-1, NEA-1 [split end], UPI-2)
  • Jim Seymour, Notre Dame (CP-1, UPI-1, WC)
  • Ted Kwalick, Penn State (AFCA, NEA-1 [tight end], UPI-2)
  • Ken Hebert, Houston (FWAA, NEA-2 [split end])
  • Haven Moses, San Diego State (TSN)
  • Gary Steele, Army (NEA-2 [tight end])
  • Jim Beirne, Purdue (CP-2)
  • Dick Trapp, Florida (CP-2)
  • Rob Taylor, Navy (CP-3)
  • Phil Odle, Brigham Young (CP-3)

Offensive tackles[edit]

  • Ron Yary, USC (AFCA, AP-1, CP-1, FWAA, NEA-1, UPI-1, WC, Time, TSN)
  • Edgar Chandler, Georgia (AFCA, AP-1, FWAA, NEA-1, UPI-1, WC, Time, TSN)
  • Larry Slagle, UCLA (CP-1)
  • John Williams, Minnesota (Time)
  • Russ Washington, Missouri (NEA-2)
  • John Boynton, Tennessee (CP-2, NEA-2)
  • Mo Moorman, Texas A&M (UPI-2)
  • Bill Stanfill, Georgia (UPI-2)
  • Mike Motler, Colorado (CP-2)
  • Edgar Chandler, Georgia (CP-3)
  • Glenn Greenberg, Yale (CP-3)

Offensive guards[edit]

  • Harry Olszewski, Clemson (AFCA, FWAA, NEA-2, UPI-1, WC)
  • Rich Stotter, Houston (AFCA, AP-1, CP-1, NEA-1, UPI-1)
  • Gary Cassells, Indiana (AP-1, FWAA, UPI-2, WC)
  • Phil Tucker, Texas Tech (NEA-1)
  • Bob Kalsu, Oklahoma (CP-1)
  • Willie Banks, Alcorn A&M (NEA-2)
  • Barry Wilson, LSU (NEA-2)
  • Bruce Gunstra, Northwestern (CP-2)
  • Dick Swatland, Notre Dame (CP-2)
  • Tony Conti, Michigan State (CP-3)
  • Ray Phillips, Michigan (CP-3, UPI-2)


  • Bob Johnson, Tennessee (College Football Hall of Fame) (AFCA, AP-1, CP-1, FWAA, NEA-1, UPI-1, WC, Time, TSN)
  • John Didion, Oregon (UPI-2)
  • Jon Kolb, Oklahoma State (CP-2)
  • Joe Dayton, Michigan (CP-3)


  • Gary Beban, UCLA (College Football Hall of Fame) (AFCA, AP-1, CP-1, FWAA, NEA-1, UPI-1, WC, Time, TSN)
  • Ken Stabler, Alabama (CP-2, NEA-2)
  • Kim Hammond, Florida State (UPI-2)
  • Paul Toscano, Wyoming (CP-3)

Running backs[edit]

  • O. J. Simpson, USC (College and Pro Football Halls of Fame) (AFCA, AP-1, CP-1 [halfback], FWAA, NEA, UPI-1 [halfback], WC, Time, TSN)
  • Leroy Keyes, Purdue (College Football of Fame) (AFCA, AP-1, CP-1 [halfback], FWAA, NEA-1 [FL], UPI-1 [halfback], WC, Time, TSN)
  • Larry Csonka, Syracuse (College and Pro Football Halls of Fame) (AFCA [fullback], AP-1 [fullback], CP-1 [fullback], FWAA, NEA-1, UPI-1 [fullback], WC, TSN)
  • Lee White, Weber State (Time)
  • Chris Gilbert, Texas (College Football Hall of Fame) (CP-2, NEA-2, UPI-2 [halfback])
  • Ron Johnson, Michigan (College Football Hall of Fame) (CP-2)
  • Butch Colson, East Carolina (CP-2)
  • Larry Smith, Florida (NEA-2, CP-3)
  • Warren McVea, Houston (UPI-2 [halfback])
  • Bill Enyart, Oregon (UPI-2 [fullback])
  • Vic Gatto, Harvard (CP-3)
  • Perry Williams, Purdue (CP-3)

Defensive selections[edit]

Defensive ends[edit]

Defensive tackles[edit]

  • Dennis Byrd, North Carolina State (AFCA, AP-1, CP-1, FWAA, NEA-2, UPI-1, WC, Time, TSN)
  • Kevin Hardy, Notre Dame (AP-1 [defensive end], CP-2 [defensive end], NEA-2 [defensive end], UPI-1, WC, Time, TSN)
  • Bill Staley, Utah State (CP-1, NEA-2, UPI-2, Time, TSN)
  • Mike Dirks, Wyoming (FWAA, NEA-1)
  • Jess Lewis, Oregon State (NEA-1)
  • Russ Washington, Missouri (TSN)
  • Jon Sandstrom, Oregon State (AFCA)
  • Jim Urbanek, Mississippi (CP-2, UPI-2)
  • Doug Crusan, Indiana (CP-2)
  • Dick Himes, Ohio State (CP-3)
  • Ray Norton, Boston Univ. (CP-3)

Middle guards[edit]

  • Granville Liggins, Oklahoma (AFCA [guard], AP-1, CP-1 [guard], FWAA, NEA-1, UPI-1, WC)
  • Wayne Meylan, Nebraska (AFCA [linebacker], AP [linebacker], CP-1 [guard], FWAA, NEA-2 [middle guard], UPI-2 [middle guard], WC, Time, TSN)
  • Curley Culp, Arizona State (CP-2 [guard], Time, TSN)
  • Greg Pipes, Baylor (AFCA [guard], AP-1 [defensive tackle])
  • George Dames, Oregon (CP-2 [guard])
  • Bob Foyle, Duke (CP-3 [guard])
  • Carl Garber, Missouri (CP-3 [guard])


  • Adrian Young, USC (AFCA, AP-1, CP-1, FWAA, NEA-2, UPI-1, WC, TSN)
  • Don Manning, UCLA (CP-1, NEA-1, UPI-1, WC)
  • Fred Carr, UTEP (NEA-1, Time, TSN)
  • Corby Robertson, Texas (FWAA, NEA-2)
  • Bill Hobbs, Texas A&M (AP-1)
  • D.D. Lewis, Mississippi State (NEA-1, UPI-2)
  • Tom Beutler, Toledo (CP-1)
  • Mike McGill, Notre Dame (Time)
  • John Pergine, Notre Dame (CP-3, UPI-2)
  • Don Chiafaro, Harvard (CP-2)
  • Fred Carr, UTEP (CP-2)
  • Danny Lankas, Kansas State (CP-2)
  • Tony Kyasky, Syracuse (CP-3)
  • Ken Kaczmarek, Indiana (CP-3)

Defensive backs[edit]

  • Tom Schoen, Notre Dame (AFCA, AP-1, CP-1, FWAA, UPI-1, WC, Time, TSN)
  • Frank Loria, Virginia Tech (AFCA, AP-1, FWAA, NEA-1 [safety], UPI-1, WC)
  • Dick Anderson, Colorado (AP-1, NEA-1, UPI-2)
  • Bobby Johns, Alabama (AFCA, CP-2, UPI-1, WC)
  • Jim Smith, Oregon (NEA-1, UPI-2, Time, TSN)
  • Major Hazelton, Florida A. & M. (Time, TSN)
  • Charlie West, UTEP (NEA-2, Time, TSN)
  • Harry Cheatwood, Oklahoma State (CP-1)
  • Fred Combs, North Carolina State (FWAA, UPI-2)
  • Al Dorsey, Tennessee (UPI-1)
  • Mike Battle, USC (CP-3, UPI-2)
  • Neal Starkey, Air Force (CP-2)
  • Jim Smith, Oregon (CP-3)

Special teams[edit]




  • Bold – Consensus All-American[4]
  • -1 – First-team selection
  • -2 – Second-team selection
  • -3 – Third-team selection

Official selectors[edit]

Unofficial selectors[edit]

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