1967 SCCA Grand Prix Championship

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1967 SCCA Continental Championship season
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The 1967 SCCA Grand Prix Championship season was the inaugural season of the Sports Car Club of America's championship series for open-wheel, single-seat formula cars, later to be known as the SCCA Continental Championship.[1] The 1967 championship was open to SCCA Formula A, Formula B and Formula C cars, which were limited to a maximum engine displacement of 3.0 liters, 1.6 liters and 1.1 liters respectively.[2]

In June 1967 the SCCA decreed that, from 1 January 1968, cars powered by production-based engines of up to 5 litre (305 cubic inch) displacement would be eligible to compete in Formula A and thus for the championship.[2]

Race results[edit]

The 1967 SCCA Grand Prix Championship was contested over a five race series.[1]

Round Date Event Racetrack Distance Formula A winner

Formula A vehicle

Formula B winner

Formula B vehicle

Formula C winner

Formula C vehicle

1 May 14 Colorado Grand Prix Continental Divide 36 laps Harry McIntosh

Brabham BT7 - Climax FWMV V8

Gus Hutchison

Lotus 41C - Ford twin cam BRM

Jim Mulhall

Lola Mk3 - Ford

2 May 20 Bridgehampton Continental Race Bridgehampton Race Circuit 35 laps Jim Haynes

Lotus 18/21 - Climax FPF 4

Gus Hutchison

Lotus 41C - Ford twin cam BRM

Fred Hummel

LeGrand Mk 3

3 June 25 War Bonnet Continental Race War Bonnet 50 laps Gus Hutchison

Lotus 41C - Ford twin cam BRM

Wayne T Mitchell

Lotus 22 - Ford

4 September 17 St Jovite Grand Prix Mont-Tremblant 40 laps Guy Wooley

Cooper - Climax FPF 4

Fred Ashplant

Brabham BT21 - Ford twin cam

Ronald Stanwicks

Cooper FJ Mk 3A - Ford

5 October 1 Lake Tahoe Continental Race Lake Tahoe 35 laps Jack Millikan

Lotus 22 - Oldsmobile

Gus Hutchison

Lotus 41C - Ford twin cam BRM

Ray Seher

Lotus 20

Points system[edit]

Championship points were awarded to drivers on a 9-6-4-3-2-1 basis.[1]

Championship results[edit]

The top ten placed drivers in the 1967 championship were as follows:

Position [1] Driver [1] Car [1] Points [1]
1 United States Gus Hutchison Lotus 41 Ford 36
2 United States Mike Hiss Brabham BT21 Ford 12
= United States Karl Knapp LeGrand Ford 12
= United States Lou Sell Brabham BT21A Ford 12
5 United States Bob McQueen LeGrand Ford 10
6 United States Fred Ashplant Brabham BT21 Ford 9
7 United States Mike Cronin Lotus 22 Ford 7
8 United States Harold Krech Lotus 41 Ford 6
9 United States Roger Barr Crossle Ford 4
10 Canada Peter Broeker Stebro Mk4 Ford 3
= United States Steve Griswold LeGrand Alfa Romeo 3
= United States Bill Gubelmann Brabham Ford 3


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