1967 Taça de Portugal Final

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1967 Taça de Portugal Final
Event 1966–67 Taça de Portugal
Date 9 July 1967
Venue Estádio Nacional, Oeiras
Referee Heliodoro Garcia (Lisbon)[1]

The 1967 Taça de Portugal Final was the final match of the 1966–67 Taça de Portugal, the 27th season of the Taça de Portugal, the premier Portuguese football cup competition organized by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF). The match was played on 9 July 1967 at the Estádio Nacional in Oeiras, and opposed two Primeira Liga sides: Académica and Vitória de Setúbal. Vitória de Setúbal defeated Académica 3–2 in a cup final which went to extra-time, which would claim the Sadinos their second Taça de Portugal.[2]



9 July 1967
Académica 2–3 (a.e.t.) Vitória de Setúbal
Celestino Goal 5'
Ernesto Goal 117'
(Report) José Maria Goal 43'
Guerreiro Goal 97'
João Goal 144'
Estádio Nacional, Oeiras
Referee: Heliodoro Garcia (Lisbon)[1]
Vitória de Setúbal
GK 1 Portugal João Maló
DF Portugal Rui Rodrigues
DF Portugal Vieira Nunes
DF 2 Portugal Celestino Bárbara
DF Portugal António Marques
MF Portugal Vítor Campos
MF Portugal Toni
FW Portugal Artur Jorge
FW 10 Portugal Augusto Rocha (c)
FW Portugal Serafim Pereira
FW Portugal Ernesto Sousa
Portugal Mário Wilson
GK 1 Portugal Dinis Vital
DF Portugal Joaquim Conceição
DF Portugal Herculano
MF Portugal Manuel Leiria
MF Portugal Carriço
MF Portugal Pedras
MF Portugal Fernando Tomé
FW Portugal Vítor Baptista
FW Portugal Jacinto João
FW Portugal José Maria (c)
FW Portugal Félix Guerreiro
Portugal Fernando Vaz
1966–67 Taça de Portugal Winners
Vitória de Setúbal
2nd Title
Match officials
  • Assistant referees:
  • Fourth official:
Match rules
  • 90 minutes.
  • 30 minutes of extra time if necessary.