1968 Hardy Cup

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The 1968 Hardy Cup was the 1968 edition of the Canadian intermediate senior ice hockey championship. The 1967-68 season was the first season of the Hardy Cup, which was awarded by the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association between 1968 and 1990.

The winners of the 1968 Cup were the Sept-Îles Mineurs, a hockey team based in Sept-Îles, Quebec. In the final, they beat the Meadow Lake Stampeders from Saskatchewan 3-1.

To reach the final, the Mineurs had won the Eastern Canadian championship by beating Kapuskasing, while Meadow Lake had won the Western Canadian championship by beating Fort Frances.

Hardy Cup final[edit]

North Battleford, Saskatchewan Best out of 5 Series
Game 1 - Friday, 3 May 1968 Sept-Îles 4 Meadow Lake 3
Game 2 - Saturday 4 May 1968 Meadow Lake 5 Sept-Îles 1
Game 3 - Sunday 5 May 1968 Sept-Îles 6 Meadow Lake 1
Game 4 - Monday 6 May 1968 Sept-Îles 4 Meadow Lake 1

Sept-Îles wins the series 3-1.

Eastern Canada Championship 1968[edit]


Eastern Canada Regional Champions
Northern Ontario Kapuskasing GMs
Ontario Kingston Merchants
Ottawa Buckingham Aces
Quebec Sept Iles Mineurs
Maritimes Fredericton Caps
Newfoundland Labrador City Braves


  Final Semi-final Quarter-final
  OHA Kingston 0  
    NO Kapuskasing 2  
NO Kapuskasing 2
  OD Buckingham 0  
    NO Kapuskasing 1
  QC Sept-Îles 2
QC Sept-Îles 2
    NB Fredericton 0  
NB Fredericton 2
  NL Labrador City 0  

Western Canada Championship 1968[edit]


Western Canada Regional Champions
British Columbia Quesnel Kangaroos
Alberta Vermillion Tigers
Saskatchewan Meadow Lake Stampeders
Manitoba Brandon
West Ontario Fort Frances Canadians


  Final Semi-final Quarter-final
  BC Quesnel 1  
AB Vermilion 3  
  AB Vermilion 0  
    Sk Meadow Lake 3  
    Sk Meadow Lake 3
  TB Fort Frances 0
MN Brandon
    TB Fort Frances  

Sept-Îles Mineurs 1968 Roster[edit]

Management: Jean Croteau, Arthur Levesque, Lucien Ruest. Coach: Jean-Guy Normand.

Pos # Player
G 1 Ronald Gilbert
G 30 Gordon Theriault
D 2 Ghislain Bouchard (A)
D 3 Yvan Flibotte
D 5 Denis Gagnon
D 6 Willie Shuglo
F 4 Claude Roy (C)
F 7 Amedee Larrivee
F 8 Omer Ouellet
F 9 Jean-Paul Bouchard (A)
F 10 Henri Roy
F 11 Yvon Juneau
F 12 Jacques Mercier
F 14 Magella Dubois
F 15 Andre Lamontagne
F 16 Bertrand Lepage
F 17 Jacques Bergeron
F 18 Gilbert Larorest