1968 Pittsburgh riots

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1968 Pittsburgh riots
Part of the King assassination riots
DateApril 5–11, 1968
Caused byAssassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Resulted inProperty destroyed, order restored.
Parties to the civil conflict

The 1968 Pittsburgh riots were a series of urban disturbances that erupted in Pittsburgh on April 5, 1968, following the assassination of Martin Luther King. Pittsburgh, along with 110 other cities, burned for several days and 3,600 National Guardsmen were needed to quell the disorder. The neighborhoods most impacted were the Hill District, North Side, and Homewood with casualties including one death and 36 injuries. Over 100 businesses were either vandalized or looted with arsonists setting 505 fires. Order was finally restored on April 11 with 1,000 arrests being made and whole commercial districts being burned out. Many of the areas affected by the disorder never fully recovered in the following decades.[1][2][3]

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