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Events in the year 1968 in Israel.



Israeli–Palestinian conflict[edit]

The most prominent events related to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict which occurred during 1968 include:

  • 20 December - Lieutenant-Colonel Zvi Ofer (Tzvika Ofer), commander of the elite Haruv unit, former Military Governor of Nablus and recipient of the Israeli medal of valour, is killed in action in Wadi Qelt, west of Jericho, while in pursuit of militants who had crossed the Jordan.[2]

Notable Israeli military operations against Palestinian militancy targets

The most prominent Israeli military counter-terrorism operations (military campaigns and military operations) carried out against Palestinian militants during 1968 include:

Notable Palestinian militant operations against Israeli targets

The most prominent Palestinian terror attacks committed against Israelis during 1968 include:

Unknown dates[edit]

Notable births[edit]

Notable deaths[edit]

  • 11 January – Moshe Zvi Segal (born 1876), Russian (Lithuania)-born Israeli linguist and Talmudic scholar.
  • 1 February – Jacob van der Hoeden (born 1891), Dutch-born Israeli veterinary scientist.
  • 26 September – Lipman Heilprin (born 1902), Russian (Poland)-born Israeli physician.
  • 20 December - Zvi Ofer (born 1932) Israeli soldier, former military governor of Nablus.[2]

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