1969 Aswan Ilyushin Il-18 crash

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1969 Aswan Ilyushin Il-18 crash
LOT Ilyushin Il-18 Haafke-1.jpg
An Ilyushin Il-18 similar to the crash aircraft
Accident summary
Date 20 March 1969
Summary Pilot error in low visibility and poor weather
Site Aswan International Airport
23°57′29″N 32°49′12″E / 23.958°N 32.820°E / 23.958; 32.820Coordinates: 23°57′29″N 32°49′12″E / 23.958°N 32.820°E / 23.958; 32.820
Passengers 98
Crew 7
Fatalities 100
Injuries (non-fatal) 5
Survivors 5
Aircraft type Ilyushin Il-18D
Operator United Arab Airlines
Registration SU-APC
Flight origin King Abdulaziz International Airport
Destination Aswan International Airport

On 20 March 1969, a United Arab Airlines Ilyushin Il-18 crashed while attempting to land at Aswan Airport. 100 of the 105 passengers and crew on board were killed in the crash.

The crash[edit]

The flight was a non-scheduled international passenger service from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Aswan, Egypt. The aircraft was carrying home Muslim worshippers who had won a pilgrimage through a lottery.[1] It was dark in the early morning when the flight attempted to land and blowing sand had reduced visibility to 2–3 kilometers. After two unsuccessful attempts to land, the aircraft was making a third try when it banked to the right and hit the left side of the runway. The starboard wing tore off and a fuel spillage followed which caused the crashed aircraft to burst into flames.[2]


The probable cause was determined to be that the "Pilot descended below the minimum safe altitude without having the runway lights clearly in sight. A contributory factor was fatigue arising from continuous working hours without suitable rest periods."[3]


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