1969 Chatham Cup

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1969 Chatham Cup
Dates 6 September 1969
Championship venue Basin Reserve, Wellington
Champions Eastern Suburbs (5th title)
Runners-up New Brighton
Championship match score 2 – 0

The 1969 Chatham Cup was the 42nd annual nationwide knockout football competition in New Zealand.

Early stages of the competition were run on a regional basis. In all, 89 teams took part in the competition. Note: Different sources give different numberings for the rounds of the competition: some start round one with the beginning of the regional qualifications; others start numbering from the first national knock-out stage. The former numbering scheme is used in this article.

The announcement of the start of the New Zealand National Soccer League in 1970 led to changes in the organisation of the Chatham Cup, and this was the last year prior to the creation of a more open draw.

The 1969 final[edit]

The last Chatham Cup to be decided on the old regional champions basis was 1969, and it again saw Eastern Suburbs reach the final, this time to face final debutants New Brighton. Despite the efforts of the southern defence, marshalled ably by keeper Derek Phillips, Suburbs had the better of the contest and scored two goals, one each from 1968 scorer John Wrathall and Billy de Graaf.[1]


Third Round[edit]

Caversham 5 – 1 Maori Hill (Dunedin)

Christchurch City 3 – 2 Rangers (Christchurch)

Christchurch Technical 2 – 1 Western (Christchurch)

Hungaria (Wellington) 4 – 3 Petone

King Edward TCOB (Dunedin) 4 – 4* HSOB (Dunedin)

Masterton United 1 – 3 Palmerston City (Palmerston North)

Moturoa 1 – 1* HSOB (New Plymouth)

New Brighton 4 – 1 HSOB (Christchurch)

Stop Out (Lower Hutt) 2 – 0 Lower Hutt City

*Won on corners by KETCOB and Moturoa

Fourth Round[edit]

Queens Park (Invercargill) 4 – 2 Waihopai (Invercargill)

*Won on corners by Roslyn-Wakari

Fifth Round[edit]

Hamilton 0 – 3 Eastern Suburbs (Auckland)

Invercargill Thistle 6 – 0 Queens Park (Invercargill)

Miramar Rangers 5 – 0 Stop Out (Lower Hutt)

Northern (Dunedin) 5 – 0 Roslyn-Wakari

Palmerston City (Palmerston North) 4 – 2 Moturoa




6 September 1969
Eastern Suburbs 2 – 0 New Brighton
Wrathall, de Graaf
Basin Reserve, Wellington
Referee: T.G. Delahunty


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