1969 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships

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The 1969 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships were held in Bourg St.-Maurice, France under the auspices of International Canoe Federation. The mixed C-2 team event returned for the third and final time after not being held at the previous championships. East Germany did not win any medals for the first time since 1951.


Only two teams completed the course in the women's K-1 team event.

Medal summary[edit]



Event Gold Points Silver Points Bronze Points
C-1  Wolfgang Peters (FRG) 364.32  Reinhold Kauder (FRG) 386.90  Zbyněk Puleč (TCH) 390.61
C-1 team  West Germany
Wolfgang Peters
Harald Cuypers
Reinhold Kauder
609.71  Czechoslovakia
František Kadaňka
Zbyněk Puleč
Petr Sodomka
722.32  France
Claude Baux
Michel Trenchant
François Bonnet
C-2  France
Jean-Claude Olry
Jean-Louis Olry
363.53  Czechoslovakia
Zdeněk Měšťan
Ladislav Měšťan
380.73  Czechoslovakia
Zdeněk Valenta
Miroslav Stach
C-2 team  West Germany
Hermann Roock & Norbert Schmidt
Manfred Heß & Wolfgang Wenzel
Karl-Heinz Scheffer & Heinz-Jürgen Steinschulte
604.38  Czechoslovakia
Zdeněk Valenta & Miroslav Stach
Jiří Dejl & Zdeněk Sklenář
Zdeněk Měšťan & Ladislav Měšťan
711.53  France
Jean-Claude Olry & Jean-Louis Olry
Alain Duvivier & Dominique Duvivier
Louis Devilleneuve & Pierre Devilleneuve


Event Gold Points Silver Points Bronze Points
K-1  Claude Peschier (FRA) 272.92  Werner Zimmermann, Jr. (SUI) 284.17  Werner Rosener (FRG) 285.14
K-1 team  France
Patrick Maccari
Claude Peschier
Alain Colombe
341.02  United Kingdom
Kenneth Langford
Raymond Calverley
John MacLeod
420.82  West Germany
Ulrich Peters
Jürgen Gerlach
Werner Rosener



Event Gold Points Silver Points Bronze Points
C-2  Czechoslovakia
Jitka Traplová
Milan Svoboda
342.56  France
Jarka Lutz
Claude Lutz
360.57  Czechoslovakia
Hana Křížková
Jiří Koudela
C-2 team  Czechoslovakia
Hana Křížková & Jiří Koudela
Jitka Traplová & Milan Svoboda
Alena Prouzová & Petr Horyna
563.21  France
Jarka Lutz & Claude Lutz
Françoise Labarelle & Ernest Labarelle
Marie-France Curtil & Daniel Curtil
1133.12  United States
Nancy Southworth & Tom Southworth
Gay Fawcett & Mark Fawcett
Louise Wright & Paul Liebman



Event Gold Points Silver Points Bronze Points
K-1  Ludmila Polesná (TCH) 314.18  Ulrike Deppe (FRG) 365.20  Jana Zvěřinová (TCH) 369.45
K-1 team  West Germany
Bärbel Körner
Ulrike Deppe
Brigitte Schwack
691.44  Czechoslovakia
Bohumila Kapplová
Jana Zvěřinová
Ludmila Polesná
875.86 -

Medals table[edit]

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  West Germany 4 2 2 8
2  Czechoslovakia 3 4 4 11
3  France 3 2 2 7
4   Switzerland 0 1 0 1
4  United Kingdom 0 1 0 1
6  United States 0 0 1 1
Total 10 10 9 29