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Notable events of 1969 in comics. See also List of years in comics.

This is a list of comics-related events in 1969.


Year overall[edit]







  • DC Comics raises the price of its typical comic from 12 cents to 15 cents.


  • Long-time DC Comics logo designer and letterer Ira Schnapp dies at age 76.


  • Marvel Comics follows DC's lead and raises the price of its typical comic from 12 cents to 15 cents.





  • Metal Men, with issue #41 (December 1969/January 1970 cover-date), suspends publishing. (The title is revived in 1973 as a reprint book, the goes on hiatus until 1976.) (DC Comics)

Exhibitions and shows[edit]



Alley Awards[edit]

Presented July 1969 at the Comic Art Convention

Best Comic Magazine Section

Professional Work

Special Awards

  • Carmine Infantino, "who exemplifies the spirit of innovation and inventiveness in the field of comic art".
  • Joe Kubert, "for the cinematic storytelling techniques and the exciting and dramatic style he has brought to the field of comic art".
  • Neal Adams, "for the new perspective and dynamic vibrance he has brought to the field of comic art".

Popularity Poll

Newspaper Strip Section

Fan Activity Section

National Cartoonist Society[edit]

First issues by title[edit]

DC Comics[edit]

Date with Debbi

Release: January /February Editor: Dick Giordano.

From Beyond the Unknown

Release: October Editor: Julius Schwartz.

The Phantom Stranger

Release: May–June. Editor: Joe Orlando.

The Witching Hour

Release: February /March : Editor: Joe Orlando.

Marvel Comics[edit]

Chamber of Darkness

Release: October. Editor: Stan Lee.

Tower of Shadows

Release: September Editor: Stan Lee.

Other publishers[edit]

Alan Ford

Release: by Max Bunker Press. Writer: Max Bunker. Artist: Magnus.

Archie's TV Laugh-Out

Release: December by Archie Comics.

Everything's Archie

Release: May by Archie Comics.

Golden Comics Digest

Release: May by Gold Key Comics.

Gothic Blimp Works

Release: February 1 by the East Village Other. Editor: Vaughn Bodē


Release: May 15. Creator: Jaroslav Němeček

Poem Strip

Creator: Dino Buzzati

Canceled titles[edit]

DC Comics[edit]

Marvel Comics[edit]

Other publishers[edit]

Initial appearance by character name[edit]

DC Comics[edit]

Marvel Comics[edit]


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