1970 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

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1970 United States Figure Skating Championships
Type:National Championship
Date:February 4 – 7
Location:Tulsa, Oklahoma
Venue:Tulsa Assembly Center
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The 1970 United States Figure Skating Championships was an event organized by U.S. Figure Skating to determine the U.S. national champions and the U.S. team for the 1970 World Championships. Medals were awarded in three colors: gold (first), silver (second), and bronze (third) in four disciplines – men's singles, ladies' singles, pair skating, and ice dancing – across three levels: senior, junior, and novice. The event was held at the Tulsa Assembly Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma from February 4 through 7, 1970.

Janet Lynn repeated as ladies' champion in a unanimous decision of the judges over Julie Lynn Holmes. Lynn won the compulsory figures as well as the free skating, where she skated a brilliant performance to Claude Debussy's "Rain Forest". Tim Wood likewise defended his title in the men's division in a unanimous decision. Wood dominated the compulsory figures part of the competition but skated conservatively in the free skating as he was dealing with a sprained ankle. John Misha Petkevich, previously known primarily for his free skating ability, was a surprising second in the figures, but some found his program to music from "On the Waterfront" jarring, and his costume—a stretch jumpsuit with a white eyelet shirt—was considered unusually daring as well. Meanwhile, Kenneth Shelley, who finished third, was the audience favorite of the free skating.

Shelley was also the winner of the pairs event with his partner JoJo Starbuck, following the retirement of the 1969 champions Cynthia and Ronald Kauffman. The pairs field was considered relatively weak at this event. Meanwhile, Judy Schwomeyer and James Sladky claimed their third consecutive national dance title.

Attendees at the competition noted that the standard of athleticism was rising among skaters in the lower-level divisions. Of particular note was Melissa Militano, who became one of the first female skaters to land a triple toe loop in winning the bronze medal in the junior ladies' event. Another trend was the domination of skaters from California rather than the traditional skating strongholds of the Northeast and Midwest.

Senior-level results[edit]


Rank Name
1 Tim Wood
2 John Misha Petkevich
3 Kenneth Shelley
4 Roger Bass
5 John Baldwin, Sr.
6 Gordon McKellen
7 Patrick Lalor
8 James Stuart
9 Robert Bradshaw
10 Gilbert Sosa
11 Doug Berndt


Rank Name
1 Janet Lynn
2 Julie Lynn Holmes
3 Dawn Glab
4 Jennie Walsh
5 Joanne Darakjy
6 Suna Murray
7 Cindy Watson
8 Mary Gelderman
9 Christo Ito
10 Susanne Susic
11 Maud-Frances Dubos


Rank Name
1 JoJo Starbuck / Kenneth Shelley
2 Melissa Militano / Mark Militano
3 Sheri Thrapp / Larry Dusich
4 Kathy Normile / Gregory Taylor
5 Sherry Vangieson / Dennis Vangieson
6 Ann Pasaric / Dan Pasaric

Ice dancing (Gold Dance)[edit]

Rank Name
1 Judy Schwomeyer / James Sladky
2 Anne Millier / Harvey Millier
3 Debbie Ganson / Brad Hislop
4 Kathy West / Paul Spruell
5 Debbie Gerken / Ray Tiedemann
6 Mary Campbell / Johnny Johns
7 Dianne Tyler / Bruce Tyler
8 Candace Johnstone / Bruce Bowland
9 Ginni Luttenton / Eddie Marshall
10 Joan Sherbloom / Tom Easton
11 Barbara McEvoy / Michael Wayland

Junior-level results[edit]


Rank Name
1 Richard Ewell III
2 Jimmy Demogines
3 Mahlon Bradley
4 Mark Rehfield
5 Roger Glenn
6 Dean Hiltzik
7 Charles Tickner
8 David DeCaprio
9 Ted Engelking
10 Will Smith


Rank Name
1 Juli McKinstry
2 Dorothy Hamill
3 Melissa Militano
4 Julia Johnson
5 Kath Malmberg
6 Diane Goldstein
7 Scootie Paulsen
8 Deborah Milne
9 Audrey King
10 Candy Aylor
11 Patti Barz
12 Karen Zambrzicky
13 Pegeen Naughton


Rank Name
1 Barbara Brown / Doug Berndt
2 Laurie Brandel / James Hulick
3 Cathy Mishkin / Donald Bonacci
4 Susan Jackson / Bill Fauver
5 Lisa Illsley / Daniel Henry
6 Gale Fuhrman / Joel Fuhrman
7 Nancy Glenn / Roger Glenn
8 Georgia Truffini / Bill McPike
9 Julianne Johnson / Kent Johnson

Ice dancing (Silver Dance)[edit]

Rank Name
1 Mary Bonacci / Gerard Lane
2 Jane Pankey / Richard Horne
3 Cathleen Casey / Francis Cassella
4 Susan Dresel / Michael Fisher
5* Laurie MacPherson / Fred Martin
6* Carol Paulsen / Jerry Leonard
7* Kathleen Ryan / Jeffrey Caird
8* Dorothy Barker / Herb Swain
9* Karen Warlos / Richard Kolodziej
10* Myra Chrien / David Chrien

* Eliminated before final round

Novice-level results[edit]


Rank Name
1 Glen Schulke
2 Scott Cramer
3 David Santee
4 Forrest Craig
5 Bill Schneider
6 Scott Henderson
7 Christopher Kales
8 Michael Masionis
9 Tom Van Camp


Rank Name
1 Dorian Shields
2 Donna Arquilla
3 Alice Cook
4 Wendy Burge
5 Karolyn Stafford
6 Jannat Thompson
7 Nancy Glenn
8 Ellen Kinney


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