1970 in New Zealand

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1970 in New Zealand
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  • Estimated population as of 31 December: 2,852,100[1]
  • Increase since 31 December 1969: 48,100 (1.72%)
  • Males per 100 females: 99.9


Regal and viceregal[edit]


The 36th Parliament of New Zealand commenced, with the second National government in power.

Parliamentary opposition[edit]

Main centre leaders[edit]


  • 15 January: Police and anti-Vietnam war protestors clash outside the Intercontinental Hotel in Auckland, where visiting U.S. Vice-president Spiro Agnew is staying.[5][6]

Arts and literature[edit]

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New Zealand Music Awards[edit]

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Performing arts[edit]

Radio and Television[edit]

  • The Feltex Television Awards begin.
    • Best Arts: Green Gin Sunset
    • Best Light Entertainment: The Alpha Plan
    • Public Affairs: Gallery for Brian Edwards' interview with Christiaan Barnard.
    • Best Documentary: Three Score Years and Then
    • Professional (TVPDA award): David Gardner
  • Radio Hauraki granted the very first commercial licence in New Zealand breaking the government monopoly of the radio airwaves.

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  • Jeff Julian wins his fourth national title in the men's marathon, clocking 2:24:32 on 7 March in Napier.


  • The 77th National Chess Championship is held in Auckland, and is won by Ortvin Sarapu of Auckland (his 11th title).[7]

Commonwealth Games[edit]

Horse racing[edit]

Harness racing[edit]




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