1972 Cincinnati Open

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1972 Cincinnati Open
Date July 31 – August 6
Edition 72nd
Category Grand Prix Circuit
Draw 64S / 32D
Prize money $42,500
Surface Clay / Outdoor
Location Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Venue Coney Island
United States Jimmy Connors
South Africa Bob Hewitt / South Africa Frew McMillan
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The 1972 Cincinnati Open was a tennis tournament played on outdoor clay courts at the Coney Island in Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States that was part of the 1972 Commercial Union Assurance Grand Prix. The tournament was held from July 31 through August 6, 1972. Jimmy Connors won the singles title.


Men's Singles[edit]

United States Jimmy Connors defeated Argentina Guillermo Vilas 6–3, 6–3

Men's Doubles[edit]

South Africa Bob Hewitt / South Africa Frew McMillan defeated United States Paul Gerken / Venezuela Humphrey Hose 7–6, 6–4

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