1973–74 European Cup

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1973–74 European Cup
Stade Roi Baudouin.JPG
The Heysel Stadium in Brussels hosted the final.
Tournament details
Dates19 September 1973 - 17 May 1974
Final positions
ChampionsWest Germany Bayern Munich (1st title)
Runners-upSpain Atlético Madrid
Tournament statistics
Matches played60
Goals scored180 (3 per match)
Top scorer(s)Germany Gerd Müller (8 goals)

The 1973–74 season of the European Cup football club tournament was won for the first time by Bayern Munich, beginning their own three-year period of domination, in a replayed final against Atlético Madrid. This was the first time the cup went to Germany, and the first European Cup final to require a replay after the first match was drawn 1–1 after extra time.

Ajax, the defending champions, were eliminated by CSKA September Flag in the second round.

First round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Viking Norway 1–3 Czechoslovakia Spartak Trnava 1–2 0–1
Zorya Voroshilovgrad Soviet Union 3–0 Cyprus APOEL 2–0 1–0
Benfica Portugal 2–0 Greece Olympiacos 1–0 1–0
Waterford United Republic of Ireland 2–6 Hungary Újpesti Dózsa 2–3 0–3
Bayern Munich West Germany 4–4 (4–3 p) Sweden Åtvidaberg 3–1 1–3
Dynamo Dresden East Germany 4–3 Italy Juventus 2–0 2–3
Ajax Netherlands Bye
CSKA September Flag Bulgaria 4–0 Austria Wacker 3–0 1–0
Club Brugge Belgium 10–0 Malta Floriana 8–0 2–0
Basel Switzerland 11–2 Iceland Fram 5–0 6–2
TPS Finland 1–9 Scotland Celtic 1–6 0–3
Vejle Denmark 3–2 France Nantes 2–2 1–0
Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 3–1 Poland Stal Mielec 2–1 1–0
Jeunesse Esch Luxembourg 1–3 England Liverpool 1–1 0–2
Crusaders Northern Ireland 0–12 Romania Dinamo Bucureşti 0–1 0–11
Atlético Madrid Spain 1–0 Turkey Galatasaray 0–0 1–0

First leg[edit]

Viking Norway1–2Czechoslovakia Spartak Trnava
Kvia Goal 59' Report Adamec Goal 13'
Martinkovič Goal 36'

Zorya Voroshilovgrad Soviet Union2–0Cyprus APOEL
Belousov Goal 24'
V. Kuznetsov Goal 27'

Benfica Portugal1–0Greece Olympiacos
Timula Goal 53' Report

Waterford United Republic of Ireland2–3Hungary Újpesti Dózsa
Kirby Goal 13'
O'Neill Goal 90'
Report Zámbó Goal 9'
Fazekas Goal 64'
Nagy Goal 69'

Bayern Munich West Germany3–1Sweden Åtvidaberg
Müller Goal 3'72'
Olsson Goal 68' (o.g.)
Report Dürnberger Goal 66' (o.g.)

Dynamo Dresden East Germany2–0Italy Juventus
Kreische Goal 28'
Schade Goal 39'

CSKA September Flag Bulgaria3–0Austria Wacker Innsbruck
Marashliev Goal 3'
Zhekov Goal 26'
Denev Goal 38'

Club Brugge Belgium8–0Malta Floriana
Lambert Goal 5'48'55'
le Fevre Goal 20'
Carteus Goal 34'74'
Houwaart Goal 39'
Rüssmann Goal 43'

Basel Switzerland5–0Iceland Fram
Cubillas Goal 2'
Balmer Goal 21'85'
Hasler Goal 75'
Demarmels Goal 88'

TPS Finland1–6Scotland Celtic
Andelmin Goal 17' (pen.) Report Callaghan Goal 2'88'
Hood Goal 22'
Johnstone Goal 61'
Connelly Goal 78' (pen.)
Deans Goal 86'

Vejle Denmark2–2France Nantes
Markussen Goal 5'
Lund Goal 17'
Report Rampillon Goal 21'
Couécou Goal 60'

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia2–1Poland Stal Mielec
Petrović Goal 2'
Karasi Goal 66'
Report Lato Goal 46'

Jeunesse Esch Luxembourg1–1England Liverpool
Dussier Goal 88' Report Hall Goal 43'

Crusaders Northern Ireland0–1Romania Dinamo Bucureşti
Report Sălceanu Goal 1'

Atlético Madrid Spain0–0Turkey Galatasaray

Second leg[edit]

Spartak Trnava Czechoslovakia1–0Norway Viking
Martinkovič Goal 25' Report

Spartak Trnava won 3–1 on aggregate.

APOEL Cyprus0–1Soviet Union Zorya Voroshilovgrad
Report Kuksov Goal 58'
Attendance: 1,885

Zorya Voroshilovgrad won 3–0 on aggregate.

Olympiacos Greece0–1Portugal Benfica
Report Nené Goal 29'

Benfica won 2–0 on aggregate.

Újpesti Dózsa Hungary3–0Republic of Ireland Waterford United
E. Dunai Goal 9'
Fazekas Goal 67'
Nagy Goal 86'

Újpesti Dózsa won 6–2 on aggregate.

Åtvidaberg Sweden3 – 1 (aet)West Germany Bayern Munich
Torstensson Goal 7'72'
Wallinder Goal 15'
Report Hoeneß Goal 75'

Bayern Munich 4–4 Åtvidaberg on aggregate. Bayern Munich won on penalties.

Juventus Italy3–2East Germany Dynamo Dresden
Furino Goal 9'
Altafini Goal 25'
Cuccureddu Goal 30'
Report Capello Goal 24' (o.g.)
Sachse Goal 75'

Dynamo Dresden won 4–3 on aggregate.

Wacker Innsbruck Austria0–1Bulgaria CSKA September Flag
Report Zhekov Goal 18'

CSKA won 4–0 on aggregate.

Floriana Malta0–2Belgium Club Brugge
Report Thio Goal 65'
Houwaart Goal 85'

Club Brugge won 10–0 on aggregate.

Fram Iceland2–6Switzerland Basel
Leifsson Goal 52'
Elíasson Goal 78'
Report Tanner Goal 4'56'
Cubillas Goal 24'
Geirsson Goal 39' (o.g.)
Wampfler Goal 60'
Stohler Goal 66' (pen.)

Basel won 11–2 on aggregate.

Celtic Scotland3–0Finland TPS
Deans Goal 20'
Johnstone Goal 27'53'

Celtic won 9–1 on aggregate.

Nantes France0–1Denmark Vejle
Report Nørregaard Goal 62'

Vejle won 3–2 on aggregate.

Stal Mielec Poland0–1Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Report Lazarević Goal 26'

Red Star Belgrade won 3–1 on aggregate.

Liverpool England2–0Luxembourg Jeunesse Esch
Mond Goal 47' (o.g.)
Toshack Goal 56'

Liverpool won 3–1 on aggregate.

Dinamo Bucureşti Romania11–0Northern Ireland Crusaders
Georgescu Goal 7'14'47'63'
Nunweiller Goal 19'40'75'81'
Dinu Goal 52'
Dumitrache Goal 67'
Beckett Goal 88' (o.g.)

Dinamo Bucureşti won 12–0 on aggregate.

Galatasaray Turkey0 – 1 (aet)Spain Atlético Madrid
Report Salcedo Goal 100'
Attendance: 37,460

Second round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Spartak Trnava Czechoslovakia 1–0 Soviet Union Zorya Voroshilovgrad 0–0 1–0
Benfica Portugal 1–3 Hungary Újpesti Dózsa 1–1 0–2
Bayern Munich West Germany 7–6 East Germany Dynamo Dresden 4–3 3–3
Ajax Netherlands 1–2 Bulgaria CSKA September Flag 1–0 0–2
Club Brugge Belgium 6–7 Switzerland Basel 2–1 4–6
Celtic Scotland 1–0 Denmark Vejle 0–0 1–0
Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 4–2 England Liverpool 2–1 2–1
Dinamo Bucureşti Romania 2–4 Spain Atlético Madrid 0–2 2–2

First leg[edit]

Spartak Trnava Czechoslovakia0–0Soviet Union Zorya Voroshilovgrad
Attendance: 20,000

Benfica Portugal1–1Hungary Újpesti Dózsa
Eusébio Goal 69' Report Tóth Goal 57'

Bayern Munich West Germany4–3East Germany Dynamo Dresden
Hoffmann Goal 17'
Dürnberger Goal 26'
Roth Goal 71'
Müller Goal 83'
Report Hansen Goal 13' (o.g.)
Sachse Goal 36'
Heidler Goal 42'
Attendance: 50,000
Referee: Davidson (Scotland)

Ajax Netherlands1–0Bulgaria CSKA Sofia
Keizer Goal 14' Report

Club Brugge Belgium2–1Switzerland Basel
Carteus Goal 7'
Thio Goal 60' (pen.)
Report Odermatt Goal 39' (pen.)

Celtic Scotland0–0Denmark Vejle

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia2–1England Liverpool
Janković Goal 39'
Bogićević Goal 48'
Report Lawler Goal 72'
Attendance: 44 000

Dinamo Bucureşti Romania0–2Spain Atlético Madrid
Report Bezerra Goal 18'
Eusebio Goal 88'

Second leg[edit]

Zorya Voroshilovgrad Soviet Union0–1Czechoslovakia Spartak Trnava
Report Martinkovič Goal 61'

Spartak Trnava won 1–0 on aggregate.

Újpesti Dózsa Hungary2–0Portugal Benfica
Bene Goal 67'
Kolár Goal 70'

Újpesti Dózsa won 3–1 on aggregate.

Dynamo Dresden East Germany3–3West Germany Bayern Munich
Wätzlich Goal 42'
Schade Goal 52'
Häfner Goal 56'
Report Hoeneß Goal 10'12'
Müller Goal 58'
Attendance: 36,000
Referee: Robert Wurtz (France)

Bayern Munich won 7–6 on aggregate.

CSKA Sofia Bulgaria2 – 0
Netherlands Ajax
Marashliev Goal 68'
Mihaylov Goal 116'

CSKA Sofia won 2–1 on aggregate.

Basel Switzerland6–4Belgium Club Brugge
Rüssmann Goal 19' (o.g.)
Balmer Goal 31'
Wampfler Goal 37'
Hitzfeld Goal 63' (pen.)70'87'
Report Lambert Goal 23'46' (pen.)68'
Carteus Goal 28'

Basel won 7–6 on aggregate.

Vejle Denmark0–1Scotland Celtic
Report Lennox Goal 33'

Celtic won 1–0 on aggregate.

Liverpool England1–2Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Lawler Goal 84' Report Lazarević Goal 60'
Janković Goal 90'

Red Star Belgrade won 4–2 on aggregate.

Atlético Madrid Spain2–2Romania Dinamo Bucureşti
Ayala Goal 10'
Capón Goal 73'
Report Lucescu Goal 2'
Georgescu Goal 13'

Atlético Madrid won 4–2 on aggregate.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Spartak Trnava Czechoslovakia 2–2 (3–4 p) Hungary Újpesti Dózsa 1–1 1–1
Bayern Munich West Germany 5–3 Bulgaria CSKA September Flag 4–1 1–2
FC Basel Switzerland 5–6 Scotland Celtic 3–2 2–4
Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 0–2 Spain Atlético Madrid 0–2 0–0

First leg[edit]

Spartak Trnava Czechoslovakia1–1Hungary Újpesti Dózsa
Kabát Goal 11' Report Tóth Goal 70' (pen.)

Bayern Munich West Germany4–1Bulgaria CSKA Sofia
Torstensson Goal 11'88'
Beckenbauer Goal 33'
Müller Goal 65'
Report Marashliev Goal 23'

FC Basel Switzerland3–2Scotland Celtic
Hitzfeld Goal 28'64' (pen.)
Odermatt Goal 31'
Report Wilson Goal 21'
Dalglish Goal 57'

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia0–2Spain Atlético Madrid
Report Aragonés Goal 8'
Gárate Goal 79'

Second leg[edit]

Újpesti Dózsa Hungary1 – 1 (aet)Czechoslovakia Spartak Trnava
Fekete Goal 41' Report Adamec Goal 36'

Újpesti Dózsa 2–2 Spartak Trnava on aggregate. Újpesti Dózsa won on penalties.

CSKA Sofia Bulgaria2–1West Germany Bayern Munich
Kolev Goal 41' (pen.)
Denev Goal 48'
Report Breitner Goal 30' (pen.)

Bayern Munich won 5–3 on aggregate.

Celtic Scotland4 – 2 (aet)Switzerland FC Basel
Dalglish Goal 14'
Deans Goal 18'
Callaghan Goal 62'
Murray Goal 114'
Report Mundschin Goal 33'
Balmer Goal 48'

Celtic won 6–5 on aggregate.

Atlético Madrid Spain0–0Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade

Atlético Madrid won 2–0 on aggregate.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Újpesti Dózsa Hungary 1–4 West Germany Bayern Munich 1–1 0–3
Celtic Scotland 0–2 Spain Atlético Madrid 0–0 0–2

First leg[edit]

Újpesti Dózsa Hungary1–1West Germany Bayern Munich
Fazekas Goal 81' Report Torstensson Goal 64'

Celtic Scotland0–0Spain Atlético Madrid

Second leg[edit]

Bayern Munich West Germany3–0Hungary Újpesti Dózsa
Torstensson Goal 33'
Horváth Goal 70' (o.g.)
Müller Goal 81'

Bayern Munich won 4–1 on aggregate

Atlético Madrid Spain2–0Scotland Celtic
Gárate Goal 77'
Adelardo Goal 87'
Report Gamesheet

Atlético Madrid won 2–0 on aggregate


Bayern Munich West Germany1–1Spain Atlético Madrid
Schwarzenbeck Goal 120' Report MatchCentre Aragonés Goal 114'
Attendance: 49,000


Bayern Munich West Germany4–0Spain Atlético Madrid
Hoeneß Goal 28'83'
Müller Goal 58'71'
Report MatchCentre
Attendance: 23,000

Top scorers[edit]

The top scorers from the 1973–74 European Cup are as follows:

Rank Name Team Goals
1 West Germany Gerd Müller West Germany Bayern Munich 8
2 Belgium Raoul Lambert Belgium Club Brugge 6
Sweden Conny Torstensson Sweden Åtvidaberg / West Germany Bayern Munich 6
4 Romania Dudu Georgescu Romania Dinamo Bucureşti 5
West Germany Ottmar Hitzfeld Switzerland Basel 5
West Germany Uli Hoeneß West Germany Bayern Munich 5
7 Switzerland Walter Balmer Switzerland Basel 4
Belgium Pierre Carteus Belgium Club Brugge 4
Romania Radu Nunweiller Romania Dinamo Bucureşti 4
10 Scotland Tommy Callaghan Scotland Celtic 3
Scotland John Deans Scotland Celtic 3
Hungary László Fazekas Hungary Újpesti Dózsa 3
Scotland Jimmy Johnstone Scotland Celtic 3
Bulgaria Dimitar Marashliev Bulgaria CSKA Sofia 3
Czechoslovakia Stanislav Martinkovič Czechoslovakia Spartak Trnava 3

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