1973 Swiss League Cup

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1973 Swiss League Cup
Country   Switzerland
Teams 16
Defending champions FC Basel
Champions Grasshopper Club Zürich
Runners-up FC Winterthur
Matches played 15
Goals scored 47 (3.13 per match)

The 1973 Swiss League Cup was the second Swiss League Cup competition. It was played in the summer of 1973 as a pre-season tournament to the 1973–74 Swiss football season. It was won by Grasshopper Club Zürich who defeated FC Winterthur 5–4 on penalties after a 2–2 draw in the final.

Round 1[edit]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
FC Biel-Bienne 2–1 Lausanne Sports
FC Lugano 3–0 FC Grenchen
Neuchâtel Xamax 4–1 FC Basel
FC Sion 0–2 Servette FC Genève
Vevey-Sports 2–1 FC Fribourg
FC Winterthur 1–0 FC Luzern
FC Zürich 1–1 aet
(3–4 pens)
Grasshopper Club Zürich
FC St. Gallen 2–0 Mendrisiostar


Team 1  Score  Team 2
Vevey-Sports 1–4 Grasshopper Club Zürich
FC Lugano 2–4 Servette FC Genève
Neuchâtel Xamax 1–2 FC Biel-Bienne
FC St. Gallen 1–2 FC Winterthur


Team 1  Score  Team 2
Grasshopper Club Zürich 2–0 Servette FC Genève
FC Biel-Bienne 0–3 FC Winterthur


The final took place on 10 October 1973 at Letzigrund in Zürich.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Grasshopper Club Zürich 2–2 aet
(5–4 pens)
FC Winterthur