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List of years in Canadian television


Date Event
March 12 Juno Awards of 1973.
April 20 Anik A2 a television satellite launches in the north. It helps bring better reception and live television to that area.
June 30 Alberta Access goes on the air.
October 12 The 1973 Canadian Film Awards are held. The awards are presented at a press conference instead of a special ceremony.


Show Station Premiere Date
City Lights Citytv March 8
Howie Meeker's Hockey School CBC Television
Arts '73
Puppet People CTV
The Starlost 22 September
Target: The Impossible CBC Television
The Collaborators December 12

Ending this year[edit]

Show Station Cancelled
Chez Hélène CBC Television May 25
Alan Hamel's Comedy Bag June 9
Alphabet Soup December 4
Telescope Unknown
George CTV
Here Come the Seventies
The Pierre Berton Show

Television shows[edit]




TV movies[edit]

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