1974 French Mount Everest expedition

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On 9 September 1974, the West Ridge Direct on Mount Everest was attempted by a French expedition. It resulted in the deaths of six climbers in an avalanche on the way to the summit. These deaths took the total number of fatalities on the mountain to 36.[1]

The team consisted of:

  • Gérard Devouassoux (fr)
  • Claude Ancey (survived)
  • Lhakpa (Sherpa)
  • Sanu Wongal (Sherpa)
  • Pemba Dorje (Sherpa)
  • Nawang Lutuk (Sherpa)
  • Nima Wangchu (Sherpa)

In comparison, six Sherpas died on April 5, 1970 due to an Avalanche in the icefal (see 1970 Mount Everest disaster).[2] Other bad years were 1982 and 1996, although none of these years was as bad as the avalanches of 2014 and 2015 which claimed the lives of dozens of climbers.

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