1974 Lima earthquake

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1974 Lima earthquake
1974 Lima earthquake is located in Peru
1974 Lima earthquake
UTC time1974-10-03 14:21:31
ISC event736021
Local dateOctober 3, 1974 (1974-10-03)
Local time09:21:31
MagnitudeMw 8.1 [1]
Depth36 km (22 mi) [1]
Epicenter12°15′S 77°31′W / 12.25°S 77.52°W / -12.25; -77.52 [1]
Areas affectedPeru
Max. intensityIX (Violent)
Casualties78 killed

The 1974 Lima earthquake occurred on October 3 at 14:21 UTC (09:21 local time). It was located at about 80 km southwest of Lima, Peru.[2] The magnitude of the earthquake was put at 8.1 Mw, or Ms 7.8. The earthquake caused 78 deaths and about 2400 injured.[2][3][4] The intensity around Lima was generally about MM V to VII, but the maximum reached IX.[2] Two buildings of reinforced concrete collapsed in La Molina, where the intensity was MM VIII to IX.[5] A four-story reinforced concrete building in Callao collapsed.[2]

The largest aftershock occurred on November 9, 1974, at 12:59 UTC (07:59 local time) with a magnitude of Mw  7.1, or Ms  7.1.[1][4] The November 9 aftershock was located at about 25 km south of the main shock.[4]

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