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Timeline of Indian history

Events in the year 1974 in the Republic of India.



  • December 1973 - March 1974 – Navnirman Andolan (Re-construction movement) was a socio-political movement in 1974 in Gujarat by students and middle-class against economic crisis and corruption in public life. It resulted in dissolution of the elected government of the state at that time.
  • January - April - Worli riots refers to the violence that occurred in the chawl in the Worli neighborhood of Mumbai between January and April 1974.
  • January - May smallpox epidemic
  • March 1974 - June 1975 - Bihar Movement was a movement initiated by students in Bihar in 1974 and led by the veteran Gandhian socialist Jayaprakash Narayan, against misrule and corruption in the Government of Bihar.
  • 18 May – Under project Smiling Buddha, India successfully detonates its first nuclear weapon in the Thar Desert, and becomes the sixth nation to do so.
  • May - 1974 railway strike in India was a major strike by the workers of Indian Railways. The strike lasted from 8 to 27 May 1974. The 20 day strike by 1.7 million workers is the largest recorded industrial action in the world.



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