1975 Knockout Carnival

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The 1975 Knockout Carnival was the 19th Australian National Football Carnival, an Australian rules football interstate competition. The tournament was won by Victoria.

The 1975 carnival represented a significant change in format for the carnival. Previous carnivals had all been played as a stand-alone event in a single host city, with each team playing the others in a round robin competition; but the 1975 carnival was played as a shortened knock-out tournament and split between two cities. Just three games were played: two semi finals and a final. The semi-finals were played as a double-header in Melbourne, and the final was contested a month later in Adelaide. Unlike previous carnivals, no All-Australian team or Tassie Medalist was chosen.


South Australia[edit]

Name Age Position Club
Russell Ebert (c) 25 Centreman Port Adelaide
Peter Marker (c) 26 Centreman Glenelg
Paul Bagshaw 28 Ruck-rover Sturt
Greg Bennett 26 Rover Glenelg
Darrell Cahill 26 Rover Port Adelaide
Peter Carey 21 Ruckman Glenelg
Colin Casey 22 Half back Sturt
Bill Cochrane 22 Full-back Central District
Brian Colbey 28 Half back flanker Glenelg
Graham Cornes 25 Ruck-rover Glenelg
Rick Davies 22 Ruckman Sturt
Ross Dillon 27 Centre half forward Norwood
Phil Gallagher 20 Wingman Norwood
Michael Graham 22 Half forward Sturt
Max James 23 Full-back Port Adelaide
Bob Keddie 29 Half forward flanker South Adelaide
Bruce Light 26 Wingman Port Adelaide
Colin MacVicar 24 Ruckman Woodville
John McFarlane 23 Wingman Glenelg
Sandy Nelson 28 Centre half back Sturt
Barry Norsworthy 22 Rover Central District
Michael Nunan 25 Rover Sturt
Wayne Phillis 25 Centre half back Glenelg
Barrie Robran 26 Ruck-rover North Adelaide
Rod Seekamp 27 Centre half back Norwood
Barry Stringer 24 Wingman North Adelaide
Michael Taylor 21 Back pocket Norwood
Ken Whelan 22 Full-forward Sturt
Greg Wild 25 Ruckman Sturt
Peter Woite 24 Utility Port Adelaide


Name Age Position Club
Graeme Mackey (c) 26 Half forward Sandy Bay
Geoff Cayzer 28 Ruckman Latrobe
Bob Cheek 29 Ruckman Clarence
Peter Daniel 25 Key position player North Launceston
John Emin 23 Ruckman Hobart
Carl Gaby 25 Wingman Wynyard
Zigmont Haremza 22 Utility New Norfolk
Rod Hughes 20 Rover Scottsdale
Steve Hywood 24 Half back Sandy Bay
Peter King 21 Rover Wynyard
Greg Lethborg 25 Utility Scottsdale
Rod Mayne 20 Forward North Hobart
Leigh McConnon 21 Wingman North Hobart
Donald McLeod 20 Centre half forward North Hobart
David Morrison 24 Back pocket Sandy Bay
Bruce Neish 25 Half back North Launceston
Trevor Oakley 22 Half back flanker North Hobart
Peter Ratcliffe 29 Full-back Hobart
Kim Saltmarsh 21 Wingman City-South
Denis Scanlon 20 Ruckman North Hobart
Darryl Shephard 21 Half forward flanker Cooee
Trevor Sprigg 28 Centreman Glenorchy
Hugh Strahan 26 Key position player Cooee
Darryl Sutton 22 Forward Glenorchy
Bruce Tschirpig 25 Rover Latrobe


Name Age Position Club
Alex Jesaulenko (c) 29 Full-forward Carlton
Ross Abbey 22 Half back flanker Footscray
Stan Alves 29 Wingman Melbourne
Kevin Bartlett 28 Rover Richmond
Peter Bedford 27 Half forward flanker South Melbourne
Malcolm Blight 25 Centre half forward North Melbourne
Phil Carman 24 Forward Collingwood
Gary Dempsey 26 Ruckman Footscray
Glenn Elliott 24 Utility St Kilda
Ken Fletcher 27 Wingman Essendon
Keith Greig 23 Wingman North Melbourne
Gary Hardeman 25 Utility Melbourne
Warwick Irwin 23 Ruck-rover Fitzroy
Wayne Judson 22 Back pocket St Kilda
Peter Knights 23 Centre half back Hawthorn
Leigh Matthews 23 Rover Hawthorn
Craig McKellar 25 Ruckman Richmond
Kevin Morris 23 Half back flanker Richmond
Graham Moss 25 Ruckman Essendon
Bruce Nankervis 24 Half back flanker Geelong
John 'Sam' Newman 29 Ruckman Geelong
Kevin O'Keeffe 22 Half back flanker Fitzroy
Max Richardson 26 Defender Collingwood
Wayne Richardson 28 Rover Collingwood
Geoff Southby 24 Full-back Carlton
Greg Wells 25 Centreman Melbourne

Western Australia[edit]

Name Age Position Club
Doug Green (c) 23 Centre half back East Fremantle
Ron Alexander 25 Ruckman East Perth
Bob Beecroft 23 Key forward Swan Districts
Peter Burton 28 Ruckman Subiaco
Max George 23 Full-forward Swan Districts
Dalton Gooding 20 Wingman Claremont
David Hollins 24 Centreman East Fremantle
Mick Jez 21 Wingman East Fremantle
John Lewis 25 Full-back Claremont
Stan Magro 20 Centreman South Fremantle
Gary Malarkey 22 Centre half back East Perth
Gary McDonald 22 Ruck-rover Swan Districts
Tony Morley 24 Half forward flanker South Fremantle
Jeff Murray 22 Ruckman Claremont
Stan Nowotny 24 Half back flanker Swan Districts
Leon O'Dwyer 26 Back pocket West Perth
Brian Peake 21 Utility East Fremantle
Garry Sidebottom 20 Centre half forward Swan Districts
Bill Valli 25 Rover West Perth
Robert Wiley 20 Rover Perth
Kevin Worthington 21 Ruckman Claremont


Game Home team Home team score Away team Away team score Ground Crowd Date
Semi Final South Australia 17.16 (118) Tasmania 8.11 (59) VFL Park 40,006 14 June 1975
Semi Final Victoria 20.24 (144) Western Australia 8.15 (63) VFL Park 40,006 14 June 1975
Final South Australia 11.15 (81) Victoria 18.10 (118) Football Park 38,855 5 July 1975