1975 Norwegian Football Cup

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Norwegian Cup Winners 1975: Bodø/Glimt
Jon Abrahamsen, Tor Eriksen, Einar Kolstad, Oddbjørn Kristoffersen, Trond Tidemann, Arild Olsen, Harald Johan "Dutte" Berg, Jakob Klette, Ove Andreassen, Arne Hanssen, Terje Mørkved, Sturla Solhaug and Trygve Nygård, Truls Klausen.

The Norwegian Football Cup 1975 was a Norwegian football tournament that took place in 1975. It was the 70th Norwegian Football Cup.


Bodø/GlimtVard Haugesund 2–0

This was the first time a team from Northern Norway played in (and won) a cup final. Both teams played in the second division at the time.