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Events in the year 1975 in Israel.



Israeli–Palestinian conflict[edit]

The most prominent events related to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict which occurred during 1975 include:

Notable Palestinian militant operations against Israeli targets

The most prominent Palestinian Arab terror attacks committed against Israeli targets during 1975 include:

  • 6 March – Savoy Hotel Attack: eight Al-Fatah commandos seize the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv after they rowed ashore to Israel from the Mediterranean Sea. 13 civilians were taken hostage. The Israeli counter-terrorism unit Sayeret Matkal stormed the hotel later in the day, killing seven of the eight militants. Five of the hostages were freed while eight hostages and three of the Israeli soldiers died in the operation.[6]
  • 3 May – The Israeli capital of Jerusalem was struck by missiles for the first time, after two Czechoslovakian made Katyusha rockets, fired by Arab guerillas, struck 500 meters from the Knesset parliament building.[7]
  • 15 June – Kfar Yuval hostage crisis: a terror cell consisting of Palestinian Arab assailants from the Arab Liberation Front cross the border from Lebanon and manage to infiltrate moshav Kfar Yuval in the night and enter one of the houses of the moshav. They kill one of the family members who tries to fight them and then hold the rest of the family members as hostages, demanding the release of Palestinian assailants held in Israeli prisons. A raid by an IDF infantry unit kills all four assailants. Two hostages and one soldier are also killed during the raid.
  • 4 July – Zion Square refrigerator bombing: A refrigerator that had five kilograms of explosives packed into its sides explodes on Zion Square, a main square leading to Ben Yehuda Street and Jaffa Road, Jerusalem. Fifteen people are killed and 77 injured in the attack. The PLO claims responsibility for the attack.

Notable Israeli military operations against Palestinian militancy targets

The most prominent Israeli military counter-terrorism operations (military campaigns and military operations) carried out against Palestinian militants during 1975 include:

Unknown dates[edit]

Notable births[edit]

  • 2 March – Muki, Israeli singer and rapper.
  • 23 March – Adi Ashkenazi, Israeli actress and comedian.
  • 3 April – Nachshon Wachsman, kidnapped IDF soldier, killed during an attempted rescue operation (died 1994).
  • 16 September – Gal Fridman, Israeli windsurfer and Olympic gold medalist.
  • 12 November – Nina Brosh, Israeli model and actress

Notable deaths[edit]

  • 22 February – Mordechai Namir (born 1897), Russian (Ukraine)-born Israeli politician.
  • 6 April – Ernst David Bergmann (born 1903), German-born Israeli nuclear scientist and chemist.
  • 25 April – Mike Brant (born 1947), Israeli singer, committed suicide.
  • 18 June – Hugo Bergmann (born 1883), Austro-Hungarian (Bohemia)-born German and Israeli Jewish philosopher.
  • 11 August – Rachel Katznelson-Shazar (born 1885), Russian (Belarus)-born Zionist political figure and wife of third President of Israel.
  • 12 August – Pinchas Sapir (born 1906), Russian (Poland)-born Israeli politician.
  • Full date unknown
    • Israel Reichart (born 1891), Russian (Poland)-born Israeli agriculturist and biologist.
    • Moshe Zilberg (born 1900), Russian (Lithuania)-born leading Israeli jurist.

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