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Parliamentary elections were held in Egypt on 28 October 1976, with a second round in four constituencies on 4 November. Unlike previous elections in which the Arab Socialist Union was the sole legal party, this election saw three factions of the party compete against each other (the right-wing Socialist Liberal Organisation, the centrist Arab Socialist Organisation and the left-wing National Progressive Unionist Party), together with 208 independents.

Two candidates were elected from each of the 175 constituencies, with a second round of voting required if one or both of the candidates failed to win over 50% of the vote in the first round, or neither of the candidates with over 50% were classed as a worker or farmer (each constituency had to have at least one farmer or worker representing it).[1] Following the election, a further 10 members were appointed by the President.

The result was a victory for the Arab Socialist Organisation, which won 295 of the 360 seats. Voter turnout was just 39.77%.[1]


Party Votes % Seats
Arab Socialist Organisation 295
Liberal Socialist Organisation 15
National Progressive Unionist Organisation 3
Independents 47
Total 3,803,973 360
Registered voters/turnout 9,564,482 39.77
Source: IPU


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