1976 World Rowing Championships

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1976 World Rowing Championships
Venue Lake Ossiach
Location Villach, Austria
Dates 14–16 August

The 1976 World Rowing Championships were World Rowing Championships that were held in August 1976 at Villach in Austria.[1] Since 1976 was an Olympic year for rowing, the World Championships did not include the 14 Olympic classes scheduled for the 1976 Summer Olympics. Only three lightweight men's events were scheduled, and all finals were raced on 16 August.

Medal summary[edit]

Medalists at the 1976 World Rowing Championships were:

Men's lightweight events[edit]

Event: Gold: Time Silver: Time Bronze: Time
LM1x[2]  Austria
Raimund Haberl
07:18.18  Denmark
Morten Espersen
07:19.48  France
Roland Weill
LM4-  France
André Picard
Michel Picard
André Coupat
Francis Pelegri
06:29.94  Norway
Pål Børnick
Olaf Solberg
Per Arne Steen
Edd Hillstad
06:34.35  Denmark
Djon Andersen
Bent Fransson
Aage Hansen
Torben Hansen
LM8+  West Germany
Peter Werner
Hans-Ludwig Zimmer
Hans-Josef Büsken
Jürgen Nentwig
Lutz Neubert
Dieter Meschede
Peter Huck
Bernd Nehmer
Helmut Sassenbach (cox)
06:05.00  Great Britain
Graeme Hall
Nigel Read
Christopher Drury
Colin Cusack
Stewart Fraser
Mark Harris
Brian Fentiman
Doug Carpenter
Henry Wheare (cox)
06:06.81  United States
Bruce Stone
Andrew Washburn
Craig Drake
Thomas Cook
John Dunn
Ralph Nauman
Scott Roop
Sean Colgan
Joseph O'Connor (cox)