1977 San Juan earthquake

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1977 San Juan earthquake
1977 San Juan earthquake is located in South America
San Juan
San Juan
1977 San Juan earthquake
Date 23 November 1977 (1977-11-23) [1]
Magnitude 7.4 Ms [2]
Depth 17 km (11 mi) [1]
Epicenter 31°05′S 67°47′W / 31.08°S 67.78°W / -31.08; -67.78Coordinates: 31°05′S 67°47′W / 31.08°S 67.78°W / -31.08; -67.78 [1]
Max. intensity IX
Casualties 65

The 1977 San Juan earthquake, also known as Caucete earthquake, took place in the province of San Juan, Argentina, on 23 November at 09:26:23 AM. It measured 7.4 on the surface wave magnitude scale,[2] and had a maximum perceived intensity of IX (Violent) on the Mercalli intensity scale.

The earthquake caused fatalities and severe damage to buildings throughout the province, especially in the city of Caucete, where at least 65 people died. It also caused slight damage in the north of the Greater Mendoza metropolitan area.


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