1978 Arab League summit

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Arab League summit
Host country Iraq
Date November 2, 1978 (1978-11-02)
Cities Baghdad

The 1978 Arab League summit was meeting held between Arab leaders on November 2 in Baghdad as the 9th Arab League Summit. The summit came in the aftermath of the Egypt's Anwar Sadat's unilateral peace treaty with Israel. The conference resolved that the agreements signed by the Egyptian Government at Camp David harmed the rights of the Palestinian people. The Egyptian government was urged not to ratify the agreements and to align itself with the Arab League. Most importantly, the League froze its relations with the Government of Egypt.[1] On March 31, 1979, five days after the ratification of the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty,[2] Arab leaders again convened in Baghdad in the absence of Egypt and decided to expel it from the Arab League.[2] Consequently, the secretariat of the League was moved out of its Cairo headquarters to Tunis.[2] This decision was slowly reversed in the 1980s after president Hosni Mubarak ascended to power. Egypt, which regained strong influence in the region as rival nation Syria was suffering setbacks during the Lebanon Civil War,[3] returned to the Arab League on May 23, 1989[4] and the headquarters, which never saw completed construction in Tunis,[5] return to Cairo on March 12, 1990.[5]