1978 Centennial Cup

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1978 Manitoba Centennial Cup
1978 Centennial Cup logo.png
Tournament details
Dates May 1978
Teams 2
Venue(s) Guelph, Ontario
Final positions
Champions Gold medal blank.svg Ontario Guelph Platers (2nd title)
Runner-up Silver medal blank.svg Saskatchewan Prince Albert Raiders
Tournament statistics
Matches played 4
MVP Terry Cullen (Guelph)

The 1978 Centennial Cup is the eighth Tier II Junior "A" 1978 ice hockey National Championship for the Canadian Junior A Hockey League.

The Centennial Cup was competed for by the winners of the Abbott Cup/Western Canadian Champions and the Eastern Canadian Jr. A Champions.

The finals were hosted by the Guelph Platers in the city of Guelph, Ontario.

The Playoffs[edit]

  Regionals Semi-finals Finals
  Sask  Prince Albert Raiders 4  
Man  Kildonan North Stars 0  
  Sask  Prince Albert Raiders 4  
Western Canada
    BC  Merritt Centennials 1  
BC  Merritt Centennials 4
  Alta  Calgary Canucks 2  
    Sasd  Prince Albert Raiders 0
  Ont  Guelph Platers 4
  Ont  Guelph Platers 4  
CJHL  Pembroke Lumber Kings 1  
Ont  Guelph Platers 4
Eastern Canada
    PEI  Charlottetown Eagles 2  
PEI  Charlottetown Eagles 4
  NS  Cole Harbour Colts 0  

Prior to the Regionals

Merritt Centennials (BCJHL) defeated Richmond Sockeyes (PCJHL) 3-games-to-none
Guelph Platers (OPJHL) defeated Degagne Hurricanes (TBJHL) 4-games-to-none
Pembroke Lumber Kings (CJHL) defeated Thetford Mines Fleur de Lys (QJAHL) 4-games-to-none
New Waterford (EJHL) was eliminated in Regionals

MCC Finals[edit]

Centennial Cup Results
Game Team Score Team Score
1 Guelph Platers 7 Prince Albert Raiders 2
2 Guelph Platers 6 Prince Albert Raiders 2
3 Guelph Platers 6 Prince Albert Raiders 3
4 Guelph Platers 8 Prince Albert Raiders 2

Regional Championships[edit]

Manitoba Centennial Cup: Guelph Platers
Abbott Cup: Prince Albert Raiders
Eastern Champions: Guelph Platers
Doyle Cup: Merritt Centennials
Anavet Cup: Prince Albert Raiders
Dudley Hewitt Cup: Guelph Platers
Callaghan Cup: Charlottetown Islanders


Most Valuable Player: Terry Cullen (Guelph Platers)

All-Star Team[edit]


Terry Cullen (Guelph Platers)
George McPhee (Guelph Platers)
Brad Tippett(Prince Albert Raiders)


Brian McLellan (Guelph Platers)
Jim Wilson (Guelph Platers)


Brian Hayward (Guelph Platers)

Roll of League Champions[edit]

AJHL: Calgary Canucks
BCJHL: Nanaimo Clippers
CJHL: Pembroke Lumber Kings
EJHL: New Waterford Jets
IJHL: Charlottetown Eagles
MJHL: Kildonan North Stars
MVJHL: Cole Harbour Colts
NBJHL: Fredericton Red Wings
OPJHL: Guelph Platers
PacJHL: Richmond Sockeyes
QJAHL: Thetford Mines Fleur de Lys
SJHL: Prince Albert Raiders
TBJHL: Degagne Hurricanes

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