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1978 in home video:

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Years: 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981

Industry milestones[edit]



Date unknown[edit]

Movie releases[edit]

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The following movies were released on video on the following dates:

Release Date
Title Studio Format
December 11 Going My Way MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc
Ruggles of Red Gap MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc
Battlestar Galactica MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc[3]
December 15 Animal House MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc
Rooster Cogburn MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc
Jaws MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc
December (unknown) Airport '77 MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc[4]
Dracula MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc[5]
Jesus Christ Superstar MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc[6]
Frankenstein MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc[7]
The Sting MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc[8]
The Bride of Frankenstein MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc[9]
MacArthur MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc[10]
To Kill a Mockingbird MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc[11]
Animal Crackers MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc[12]
The Incredible Shrinking Man MCA DiscoVision (Universal) Laserdisc[13]
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