1979 South Korean presidential election

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1979 South Korean presidential election

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2,560 Deputies of Reunification Assembly
1,281 votes needed to win
  Choi Kyu Hah.png
Nominee Choi Kyu-hah
Party Independent
Electoral vote 2,465

President before election

Choi Kyu-hah (Acting)

Elected President

Choi Kyu-hah

Presidential elections were held in South Korea on 6 December 1979 following the assassination of Park Chung Hee on 26 October. The deputies of the National Council for Reunification, who among other things, were responsible for election of president, selected Prime Minister Choi Kyu-hah as the President of the Republic of Korea unopposed; Choi had been acting President since Park's death.[1]

President Choi was supposed to serve for the remainder of late President Park's term, which would have ended in 1984. However, a coup d'état took place six days after the elections, which Chun Doo-hwan seizing power. He allowed Choi to remain in power for eight months, before being elected president in August 1980.


In order to be elected, a candidate had to receive the vote of over 50% of the incumbent members of the National Council for Reunification. With 2,560 deputies in office, Choi had to receive at least 1,281 votes to be elected. He received 2,465 votes, 96.29% of the total possible.

Candidate Party Votes
Choi Kyu-hah Independent 2,465
Invalid/blank votes 84
Abstentions 11
Total 2,560


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